Monday, 30 December 2013

{that was} Christmas

Christmas... I do love Christmas but I often get annoyed at it all. Yes it's a time for family, a time for giving but oh in this world that we live Christmas now means {to some} a time to drink as much as you can in such little time, a time to boast how many gifts they've gotten or lavished on their children... I feel quite saddened by it all and that is why next year I want to set new traditions.

This year has been a whirlwind. When you work full-time and also run a small business {with busy Christmas orders} and you have to buy all the family gifts and do all the food shopping {with a toddler in tow}, let's not mention the cleaning etc.. it really is tough going. I worked right up until Christmas Eve, I don't need to tell you how Christmas morning panned out with three kids {albeit two bigger ones, who were just as excited!}... Christmas afternoon we had a house full of 10.. and that's before the prep of the huge Christmas dinner for 5 {we love Christmas dinner and have all the trimmings!). By the time Christmas night arrived, I was flaked out sleeping on the sofa! {I'll just add that everyone else got a nap after dinner, except the one, ME, who'd slaved over dinner with no help at all} I've not watched any festive TV, not enjoyed a little Christmas tipple and not even touched my Christmas chocolates.. I've been far far too tired once all the daily routine stuff has been done {and I'm now back at work}.

I think the run up to Christmas was far too hectic {for one person, you reading this Mr?}, and when I did get a few days off, yes they were busy, so when night time came I just wanted to sleep... It's made it all seem quite rushed and my head spins remembering it all. That's not how I want to enjoy or remember Christmas!

Do you have Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear how you incorporate a busy family into getting some chill out time too? Do you compromise on what you'd really like to do at Christmas to make others happy?


Monday, 16 December 2013

{my} Birthday!

What a great weekend we had! It was one of those rare weekends when the Mr and I were both off work. We started Saturday with breakfast at Dobbies {yum!}, then we headed to Goulding's Winter Wonderland so the littlest could experience Santa! It was such fun, she had a great time.. she did barely look at Santa {as she's overly shy} but it was exciting! In the afternoon we headed to my parent's house and I was spoiled with a Birthday {eve eve} lunch and presents {as I'll not see my parents on my Birthday as I'm working}.. I even got a Princess Carriage Birthday Cake!

Sunday I got my much needed long lie {till 10.30am}, then I made the cutest snowman tutu just in time for ballet class... it's cute right?

I use the no-sew tutu technique and there is so many designs you could do, give me a shout if you'd like a tutorial {but check out on Pintrest, there's tonnes!}

Birthday treats!

Now to.. my B I R T H D A Y! This morning before I left for work I was spoiled {again} with some gorgeous gifts! I love them all and I've also got Birthday money to treat myself. The Mr is organising dinner later... can't wait to chill out!

Hope you're having a fun day!
A x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

feels like nothing else

Feels like nothing else

Feels like nothing else by anneeapple featuring UGG Australia

It's Scotland, oh yes it is cold and right now my boiler has a fault... so as I am sitting here waiting on the emergency repair dude I'm heating myself up virtually with some super warm clothes and boots!

I'll start with the boots... UGG Australia Adirondack Tweed BLACK boots only £180. I am a serious fan of UGG, they may be pricey but they last for years! I love these leather ones and they have TWEED... yes TWEED!!

I'm on the hunt for a new jacket and I have been for some time and I love the classic shape of this Superdry Everest bomber jacket £125.

Thermals are a MUST when you live in Scotland! Mossimo Thermal teeshirt at £11, bargain!

Jeans, I love the boyfriend style cause then I can layer them up with thermals underneath or wooly tights to keep cosy! Liberty boyfriend jeans from Whistles £85

I love accessories and they really do make an outfit! This Fat Face cable beanie is only £16, love the pom pom. I don't have a tartan scarf but it's on my wish list for my birthday and I'm hoping someone makes my day, I love this one from Ralph Lauren, just £35!!

Bags.. Oh I am an official bag lady! I've never had one this expensive but it's ON SALE!  Marc Jacobs leather bag £266. I do love this outfit but I think it needs a pop of colour and if anyone knows me, I do like a pop of colour and how adorable are these Banana Republic leather gloves at £37... I may love the fact that they are from Banana Republic and they are yellow.. cute right? 

What do you think?  I'd suit it all right?  And it all totals to £755!


Friday, 6 December 2013

the versatile blogger award {for me!}

I've been awarded the versatile blogger award from the most lovely Sarah Elizabeth from s.o.t.i... I'm so very chuffed, thank you! I found this lovely blog when I was taking part in the #BEDN challenge.

So... the award, here's the rules:

Versatile Blogger Award Rules

Display the award certificate on your blog.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Post 7 interesting facts about yourself and/or your blog.
Nominate 15 bloggers of your own choice to pass the award on to, and tag them to let them know!


and now to my 7 interesting facts...
{oh no, I'm staring blankly at the screen}

1. my name 'anneeapple' was derived when my Son was in primary one {he's 22 now}. He was learning to read with Letterland {and I'm Annee, so...} and I'm also a huge Beatles fan {and apple being their record label}. It's stuck ever since then and I love it!

2. I don't really like {to eat} apples!

3. I am intolerant to milk/milk products {was a severe allergy a few years ago} but I'm bad and still eat them and I do suffer, but I love cheese {and chocolate}!

4. every single time I move my jaw it clicks.

5. I have far too many bags and I'm still adding more to my bag wish list {which is in my head for now but I can see it being moved to a proper list}.

6. I love Paris.

7. I'm a photographer AEM Photography but I've not had time to freelance since my littlest was born.

Tada! So there you have my 7 {un}interesting facts and I now pass this award on to... {drum roll}

1. Sarah at Glasgow Mummy
2. Bex at The Olive Dragonfly
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4. Claire at Claireabellemakes
5. Kimberley at Creative Chaos
6. Lyndsay at Fizzy Peaches
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13. Suki at The Owl Club
14. Hannah at Dainty and Ivory
15. Mandy at Mandipidy

Now I can't wait to read your posts.

A x

Saturday, 30 November 2013

#BEDN {the end}

It's the last post in #BEDN. I have quite enjoyed blogging more than usual and I think I might just keep it up.

Today's topic 'the end''s going it's the end of my cold virus and I'm well in the morning.

A x

{My posts over the last few days have been awful, I'm sorry.I've felt awful, the cold virus floors me and I just need rest but I get very little respite. The Mr working nights, asleep most of the day and no-one to mind littlest...Thankfully she knew I was unwell and happily played Lego today, she did ask why I wasn't 'big funny' when I was trying to laugh...bless!}...

Friday, 29 November 2013

#BEDN {my Christmas wish list}

Can you believe that there is only one more post, after this one, of #BEDN! Probably what's more unbelievable is that I've kept up!

I had plans of writing an actual gift with list of things such as new leather gloves, earrings, links to delicious Hotel Chocolat goodies {which I'll never get anyway} but after all the fun of Christmas Day is over all I really really want is a long lie... to lie in my bed for as long as I desire to! But the reality is I'm more likely to get leather gloves and Hotel Chocolat than a long lie {which translates to, I'll get neither, Ok I'm confusing myself now}.

I'm still quite poorly with the cold and I'm about to go to bed after I post this. I do hope I wake up tomorrow without a runny nose {or a blocked one}.

Goodnight, see you for the last post of #BEDN tomorrow!

A.......chooo! x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

#BEDN {the great outdoors}

My great outdoors trip today was to Glasgow Fort for some Christmas shopping. The Mr was at home with the littlest so I had the opportunity for some me time, eventhough I still feel pretty rubbish with the cold!

Boots had a points event on, so I earnt £12 of points as I spent over £50! Most of tonight's shopping was for my big girl, although I did manage to buy myself a new foundation brush and this from benefit!

I tried on this beautiful ring, I've had my eye on it for such a long time... one day! I opted for a Starbucks Orange Mocha instead.

I do love shopping at Glasgow Fort, it's open until 10pm every weeknight and from 16th - 23rd December it's open until Midnight!

A x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#BEDN {yes moments}

I'm feeling pretty under the weather today... the cold virus strikes again...

Today has been a day of 'yes moments'...

Would you like lemsip max strength capsules?  Yes
Would you like to drink wine after your 11 hour shift at work? Yes

I'll be fine after a sleep.

A x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#BEDN {home sweet home}

...there's no place like home, there's no place like home {I really do need those red glittery shoes!}. No matter where I am in the world, or whatever fancy hotel I go to there really is no place like home. It's the place I feel most comfortable {and sometimes most stressed when it's very untidy}.

We've stayed here nearly 4 years and for a long time {as it was a new build} we lived with magnolia walls. We've lately been adding lots of colour to brighten the place and you'll see in my kitchen that I mean LOTS of colour... here's some of my favourite places and things at home.

breakfast time with the littlest this morning 
{scrambled egg and toast btw}... 
in the background you'll see my 'feed me now please' print. 
I created this image when I was at City of Glasgow College 
studying Graphic Design & Visual Communication and it was 
part of my Typography Unit. I ate the toast and
 pasta shapes for my lunch after I photographed it.

I love my colourful prints and the best thing... 
I can change them whenever I desire!

pops of colour, I have a bright orange kettle and toaster 
{really wanted a pink one but couldn't find one I liked}, 
some new festive dried fruit and cinnamon sticks 
{that I bought at the Christmas Craft Fare at the weekend}
 in a sex pistols cup and saucer {that's my big girls}

more colour! we had to wait months and months for these 
coloured chairs to come into stock at John Lewis 
{there's a green one too out of the picture}, 
they really brighten the room.

my living room... we recently got a new 4 seater 
sofa and statement chair {that's mine!}, 
we also replaced the carpets with some lovely grey oak wood flooring,
 it's so much easier to keep clean {we had cream carpets before!} 
now we have a huge polka dot rug

my office area and were all my #Postcircle takes place!

I love hearts, this one is on the cloakroom door.

now I have a thing for clocks, there might just be one in each room. 
This one I designed and had the design printed on to foamex 
and then I attached the clock fittings but it's not just any 
regular clock, oh no siree.. it's a backwards clock! 
Yep, you read correctly it goes backwards... 
and the reason why is revealed in the next photo

the clock is at the top hallway and when you look in the mirror, 
to check yourself out before you go out, then you see the correct 
time in the mirror. It was one of my genius moments that 
the Mr at first just shook his head at and thought 
I had gone slightly mad... 
obviously until it all came together perfectly!

SUPERHEROES! I love them! I think my favourite is 
actually Batman but I've not found the perfect Batman 
graphic just yet. Spiderman however sits in the top
 hallway just outside my bedroom door.

Superman, now he's above my bed.

you'll have noticed by now that I do love my wall art and 
apart from the Superheroes it's all designed by me. 
This wallart is in the family bathroom and is 
inspired by The Beatles past masters cover.

this wall art is in the ensuite, it says 
'don't forget to smile but brush your teeth first'

this wall art is in the downstairs loo, it's huge... 
the size of the whole wall... it's a bit quirky, 
still not 100% sure I like it so it may come down 
next year and be replaced with something else.

the last place I'll share is the littlest room. 
I made this cloud mobile when she was just McBump in my tummy. 
We call it 'the twinkles', I love how it hangs from the 
sun ceiling lamp and the clouds gently move and spin and smile.. 
there's rainbow twinkle, heart twinkle and star twinkle 
{glow in the dark stars hang from this one}. 
You'll spot another clock in the background... 
this was an clock I used to have in the kitchen and I put 
Ikea finger puppets on the spikes to 
create a fun clock for the littlest room.

We are about to embark on a huge declutter as we're planning a garage conversion, we also have far too much stuff. I need to be ruthless and just look through everything. Starting with my clothes! I have a wardrobe that I can supposedly walk into... I do remember being able to do that for a few months when we moved in! Time to clear out!

A x

Monday, 25 November 2013

#BEDN {till Christmas}

I think I am in shock at how quickly Christmas has come around. I might still be in denial that December is around the corner... my brain is confused as we're just back from our Summer holiday!

We have a few Christmas traditions here, the children {three of them} each get a present to open on Christmas Eve... it's always new PJs! I think this year I'll mix it up and do something different and make a Christmas Eve box. I read about this somewhere on a blog and I can't remember where, but it was a fab idea... the box will still include PJs but some little extras too. Maybe a facemask, Christmas candle and some chocolate treat for the big girl... PJs, a treat and a book about Christmas for the littlest... PJ bottoms and... and... Ok I'm lost for ideas for my Son {send ideas please, he's 22}.

I'd like to start some new traditions at Christmas so let me know what yours are?

A x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

#BEDN {motivations}

I need motivation! If anyone has any spare then please pass it along...

I really need to lose weight. It's not crept on overnight, I see it there... although I try not to look in a full length mirror!  Ideally I need to lose 5 stone, yes 5! Sometime back I signed up for Weight Watchers online {as I can't commit to a weekly class due to our work rotas} and I lost nearly 1 and a half stone within the 3 months! It was simple to follow, although the constant adding in what you ate took some getting used to. But once I got into the diet it was simple to follow and seeing the results made you motivated! 

Once my 3 months was up I didn't renew as we were about to go on an all inclusive holiday, then it was Christmas time {excuses, excuses} then not too long after that I had some stomach problems... I could have still dieted but I couldn't exercise and I do like the two to go hand in hand.  I've since had surgery for the problems and all is well, health wise now. But the surgery has left me with a not too pretty tummy that seriously needs fixed! {why couldn't they have taken away the skin when they removed / repaired my stomach wall?}... anyway, I have now put on the weight that I originally lost with Weight Watchers! So I'm back at the beginning.

I shake my head when I think back to how I was always so so slim and now I'm a size 18/20. So tomorrow I need motivations to kick start my weight loss... please send your tips this way and if I post photos of bad treats on my Twitter or Facebook then feel free to shout at me!

A x

#BEDN {date night}

Sorry...a late post!

When I had saw this title I thought it fitted in well...still on annual leave and the Mr would be at home on Saturday evening. I had thoughts of making a nice meal, watching a movie...I even had some popcorn!

The reality...the Mr has been loaded with cold since we returned from holiday and yesterday I had all day headache. After a quick dinner I totally zonked on the sofa but thankfully when I woke up after 10 pm the headache had lifted {although it's today}.

But talking of date nights, we don't get many at all. We do go out for a lot meals and a few hotels but they are jobs..I'm a assessor {my third job}. But we rarely get to go on a date...overnight baby sitters are in short supply, as who wants to go out a night the town get up at 7 am the next day?

One of my New Year resolutions is to make more time for the Mr and I, if can't get on a date then we have a date night home!

Do you have date nights at home? I really think staying in is the new going out... no taxis, sore feet or a cold journey home!

A x

Friday, 22 November 2013

teapigs {spiced winter red tea}

I was relaxing in sunny Tenerife when the lovely people at teapigs emailed and asked if I'd like to review their 'spiced winter red tea'... eventhough I may have been sipping a San Francisco Cocktail I emailed straight back to say yes! I've tried a few different varieties of teapigs tea before and have loved them all thus far!

The package arrived today, perfect timing as it was a chilly -4 outside! I so wished I could capture the scent and let you all smell it... think berries, cinnamon, snow angels, warmth, smiles, Christmas....yes all of that, it smelt delicious.

I {im}patiently waited the 3 minutes whilst the tea temple infused then it was time to hug my mug... whilst me and the littlest watched Beauty and the Beast {I love that film}. The tea didn't disappoint in anyway what so ever, I thought I might just have been blinded by the fact that it was a nice warm drink when it was so chilly outside so I had another cup just to be doubly sure...I love it!

It's not fruity {I'm not a big fan of fruit teas}, it's more a warm, soothing, lightly spicy tea. Perfect for this time of year. It would make a perfect gift for your favourite tea drinker. The Christmas Shops is now live on the teapigs website and there are some great gifts... some of my favourites are:

pick n' mix sample packs... this is a great way to try out the different varieties without buying the bigger boxes and it's a great price too. I might just be purchasing this for myself and to share with some of my Postcircle friends, I think we all love tea!

I have far too many cups / mugs but I love this afternoon tea for two gift set {Santa, are you reading this?}

Oh yummy festive teas how lovely you'd be in my stocking!!

And you can buy the spiced winter red tea here... 

A treat for all you lovely people... if you enter the code XMAS13 at checkout you'll get a whopping 20% off {excludes cheeky deals, mix & match and matcha kits}... code valid until the end of December! 

Well that's my cup empty {I may have had 5 cups of this delicious tea today but not to worry it's naturally caffeine free}...

Let me know if you try it and what you think?

A x

The lovely teapigs people sent me a box of spiced winter red tea to review. 
This review is my honest opinion of the product.  

#BEDN {leaving on a jet plane}

I've just returned from Tenerife, Los Gigantes {on Tuesday evening}, it was a lovely holiday. We stayed at the Laubay Los Gigantes Hotel and it really did live up to it's 4 star status. The whole resort was spotless, I'd struggle to find fault to be honest.

We had emailed the hotel manager in advance and mentioned our room and room location preferences {we always do this, if you don't ask you don't get}, when holidaying with a toddler you do have some requests. We had read a lot of the rooms were over two levels and the littlest isn't that great with coming down stairs so one request was to have a one level room. The others: a quiet area, not too far from the restaurant areas and a sea view. We got it all, the photo above is taken from the room balcony {to the right side} we had a perfect sea view. It was a two room apartment with a shower and a bath. The living area {which my big girl claimed} had a sofa bed. The littlest slept with the Mr and I as our bed was huge and if she sleeps in a travel cot / bed she always ends up in with us {on holiday} anyway. There was a mini-bar in the room which was replenished every day {included in the all inclusive package}, this was great and I'll be looking for this option on all future holidays.

Talking of all inclusive... the food was great! We've been on a good few all inclusive holidays now and this time I've never seen such choice of food and it was ALL delicious. There was a dish to suit everyone. I even saw special sections catering for gluten free, diabetic dishes and soya dishes! As usual I ate far too much, although in my defence I ate loads of fish and vegetables. My usual meals consisted of toast and boiled egg with a slice of cheese for breakfast, with fruit. Lunch was baked potato with loads of salad side dishes and fish if that was on offer. Dinner was fish again or chicken and tonnes of different veggies.... yes and cakes... lots of desserts! Too scrummy to resist {although I did resist some days}. I was surprised that I only put on 2lbs!

What I loved about the dining areas were... table cloths, proper napkins, drinks served to you by the many many waiting staff. If you asked for water it came in small bottles, if you asked for wine you got a new bottle... you could also help yourself from the drinks station but the waiting staff were happy to serve you.

The pool areas also had snacking areas, I didn't eat from these but the food looked great and was all covered over and they had BBQs going on too! As normal ice-cream was served all day long, usually you'd help yourself to big tubs but no... here they served you individual sealed tubs! How fab! Everything felt so clean and hygienic!

We spent a lot of time at the {quiet} pool, it had a tiny little pool that was perfect for the littlest and she could happily sit in there, walk about, pretend to swim and play for ages. Right next to that was the big pool {I say big but in comparison to the main pool it was about a third of the size, yet it was still huge!}. It wasn't that busy at all and at some points during the day I was the only one in there! I do love swimming, I'm not great at it but I love it.

The entertainment at night was just what you'd expect. It was out of season so we didn't expect too much. There was a mini disco that started at 8.30pm, which I thought was a little late for a 'mini' disco as a lot of the kids were really young. This lasted around 30mins then there was a lot of nothing going on, kids dancing about {unattended} on the stage and generally running about then there was a nightly show. We missed the first night's magic show as we were really tired having been up since 5am. But we saw the Parrot Show, Snake Show {which I was dragged up on stage for!}, an Chinese Acrobatic Show, a {another} Magic Show, the Laubay Show, a Michael Jackson Tribute Show and a Queen Tribute Show... all not too bad. They finished around 10.15 each night and by that time the littlest had fallen asleep in our arms.

We didn't venture too far into Tenerife as we were there to relax. But on the days it was a bit cloudy we ventured into the shops. It's quite a steep walk! There wasn't that much going in the town, a few shops all selling the usual holiday things... fake designer bags, jewellery, clothes etc... My big girl bought a few nice things and I bought a lava stone bracelet.

We're back home now and back to reality and to healthy eating! One thing I noticed {more} on holiday is how uncomfortable I am with my weight and it's time to do something about it.

What's your favourite holiday location?

A x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

#BEDN {world television day}

I can't lie, I hate the TV. I hate how it can consume you {someone} and they are lost for hours watching drivvle!

We have a huge TV in the living room and mostly all that shows is some Disney Channel for the littlest, she loves Sofia the First {OK, I do like that too}. We also have a TV in our bedroom, which has been switched on probably less than 10 times in the 3+ years we've stayed here.

I do watch some TV, namely:
Downton {If you don't watch this, then I think you are positively m.a.d}
Great British Bake Off {although it wasn't so good this year}
Sometimes I like to watch a film but I'm so picky!

But, apart from that I could really do without a TV.

I know TV shows shouldn't get you {or me} angry but I really can't stand ALL celebrity shows, reality TV, most American shows and game shows... my top HATES are: Deal or No Deal, I'm a Celebrity and Big Brother! If I see any of them on my TV I get mad and it has to be switched over straight away. No-one is allowed to watch these shows when I'm in the room {that's what the record button is for}!

What's your fav TV Show?7

A x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#BEDN {It's only fashion, baby}

Fashion... oh my, it's a subject I'm probably not qualified to chat about. A long time ago I was very fashion concious but now I don't have the time to keep up with the trends, although I wish I did.

As you'll know I've just returned from a holiday in Tenerife and my packing consisted of throwing last years holiday clothes in the case and not really think about a plan of what I'd wear each night! Oh Boy do I regret that! I felt like a total tramp on holiday. I've vowed that I'll never ever ever do that again! So I'll now be scouring the sales for holiday clothes, first on the list is a decent swimsuit {and I do love polka dots}, then beach / pool shoes. I do love the ones pictured {click the image to go to Polyvore for details on the items}... my beach / pool flip flops this year were an old pair of navy blue NIKE ones that once belonged to my Son {when he was in his early teens and was in the Glasgow Swimming Club}... how embarrassing!

So I've learnt my fashion disaster lesson by looking like a frumpy tramp all week! My red face was not sunburn!

A x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#BEDN {Newsflash}

I'm hoping that I've not seen the news yet {as I'm travelling back from my holiday}.. so my newsflash is: I'm home today!!

A x

Monday, 18 November 2013

#BEDN {Anti Bullying Week}

Bullying comes in all shapes and forms, most people wouldn't even know their actions / words could be classed as being branded as a bully... it's a minefield!

When I was at primary school I was bullied, not in your typical pushed about the playground way but mentally. Some girls would decide that the whole class was not to talk to me and it was whispered all around and I'd be ignored by all for days. I never fitted in with anyone, I probably still don't. I was never what was classed as normal... I took ballet lessons, loved classical music {and pop music too}... I can't put my finger on it but I never felt part of a group and I always floated between friends, I to this day still don't have a best friend {apart from The Mr}.

Even in Senior School, the usual culprits picked on me, I remember walking to the bus stop and one girl {who I thought was a friend} just pounced on me to fight. She felt like it.. to feed her 'crowd' no doubt. Kids can be cruel and I think bullies are lacking in something and they are angry about it. It's not as simple as jealousy or anything like that as all us girl had the same things.

I stood up for myself, I never showed the bullies how it affected me. Probably back then it didn't bother me it's only now on reflection that I think how evil some people where. But it's in the past now.

If I could offer advise to anyone, simply be kind.. treat others how you'd expect to be treated. Life's too short.

A x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

#BEDN {Relax}

Quite simply, I don't. {Although I am on holiday right now and I would like to think that I am fitting in some relaxing?!}.

Even when I'm chilling out I have a list in my head and thinking of so many things at the one time. I'd love to float and stare at the sky, to me that's relaxing.. weightless.

A x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

#BEDN {Hobbies}

Where do I start. Mostly my list of hobbies will be what I'd love to do IF I had more free time, which I don't. But here's the list:

Writing - I do this most often: snail mail
Knitting - so many WIP
Crochet (learning) - I could crochet but I forgot!
Drawing - always doodling, need to find time to sketch more
Designing - always doing this
Photography - miss doing this
Baking and Cooking - this I do find time for
Travelling - when I can
Reading - never enough

A x

Friday, 15 November 2013

#BEDN {Favourite Folk}

The Mr... I often don't celebrate him enough and I should. I should shout out how great he is, for he is. He puts up with me, and believe me that's a task!

My Favourite!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

#BEDN {Workspace}

This is my workspace in the office {yes it's the 29th Oct on my calendar as I've scheduled this post, I'm on the beach remember?}. My thoughts will be very distant from this desk space right now... but here it is, my hub. The place I eat far too much rubbish.. I graze! No doubt I'll be starting a diet on my return from holiday!

A x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

#BEDN {World Kindness Day}

You'll know I love writing letters to my snail mail friends. I just love writing in general, it's so therapeutic!

I came across this wonderful project when I was searching for some snail mail inspiration and I was overwhelmed by it all. People's kindess in writing encouraging words to strangers and just how these words can help someone, even just a little.

Words can make your day {and sadly they can also ruin your day}. I think if we all took 5 minutes out of our busy days and wrote a letter to a stranger.. words to inspire, boost, encourage, give someone hope.. the world might just be a better place.

Try it.


A x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#BEDN {My Hometown}

I'm going on holiday today {I may have mentioned!}.  I've scheduled some posts for my BEDN challenge, so if you pop a message - I'll reply when I'm back next week x

I wrote about my hometown / village not so long ago, you'll find the link here.  I imagine it will be looking a lot duller than these photos but it's still a beautiful place.

A x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

#BEDN {something different}

We're doing something different today / tonight...having an overnight stay in Glasgow whilst the littlest stays with her Grandparents.
We're staying at the Art House Hotel. We checked in about 3 pm and headed to Starbucks for festive drinks. We then picked up some last minute things for our holiday. I eventually got a swimsuit!
Right now we're chilling in The Butterfly and Pig in Bath Street...I've never been here before, it's described as shabby chic with vintage charm! It's a bit like having a drink in an old aunties house...It's quaint!
We're shattered though, so one more drink then going back to hotel to have dinner there then an early night...busy day tomorrow packing!
A x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

#BEDN {blog chat}

I've had many blogs, going back many years, but I've never kept them going. I often get bored.

I go through stage thinking 'why on earth do people want to read about my mundane, often too busy life'... do people keep reading your blog out of habit? Do they glance over it, just scrolling for an interesting image or for a word to jump out of the page?

I follow many blogs {on bloglovin'}, some are fabulous and I hear myself saying 'Yay' when their blog shows on my list, but some are truly awful! I do hope that my blog doesn't fall into the truly awful category! But you can't please everyone.

I think the best thing to remember about a blog, is that most are just a snippet of someone's life. Some are made up entirely. Don't believe everything you read. But if you do enjoy someone's style of writing then keep following.

My favourite type of blogs are ones that seem genuine and give an insight into how their life is, they share common likes with me and they sometimes make me laugh, sometimes make me want to hug them, they make me feel like I know them! They seem like friends who are writing to me... yes, tha'ts what I like.

What blogs do you follow?

Here's some of my favourites:

Glasgow Mummy
Olive Dragonfly
More Than Toast
The Tales of Sonny and Luca
Miss Beatrix
She's Eclectic
The Mrs Makes
This Mummy

Have a look, you might enjoy!
A x

Friday, 8 November 2013

#BEDN {day in the life}

Tada... I can't believe I'm at Day 8 in the Blog Every Day In November challenge, a new record for me! So, on to today's post 'day in the life'... here goes:

I woke up {the first time} at 6am when the Mr's alarm went off {he started work at 7am today}. I dozed off again and woke up {for the second time} at 6.30am when my Son's alarm went off {he left for work at 6.50am}. I tried to doze again but my alarm went off at 6.45am... yawn!

Littlest was still asleep so I got washed and dressed for work and by 7.15am she was awake too... we got ready chatted about the day ahead. She was going to her Gran and Grandad's today for an outing to the shops and for lunch, we headed downstairs and had breakfast which was weetabix and toast. My big girl was then awake and by 8.10am we were all ready to leave...

First drop off is my big girl, she got dropped at work which is 10miles from home, takes around 30mins to get there {if traffic is OK!}, I then drove another 4mile to my in-laws to drop off the littlest, then I went to work which was another 3mile and I eventually got there around 9.30am.

I had a busy day planned... I work at a huge shopping park in Glasgow and we had a new store re-launch today! Exciting as it's not every day you get to see a brand new store concept knowing it's the only one of it's kind in Scotland! We had a local VIP open the store and they got lots of prizes! The rest of my day was working through emails, scheduling social media updates for work, updating the website and preparing for my TWO WEEKS OFF which started at 5pm when I finished {yipee}.

The Mr, who is now also on annual leave, was also meant to finish at 5pm but he got away at 3.30pm so he nipped to the shop for some supplies and then picked up the littlest {saving me the journey}. I made a pitt stop on way home to pick up a birthday gift for my friend's little girl, also picking up another Christmas gift for the littlest as I couldn't resist!! I got home around 6.15 pm, a quick kiss and cuddle {I love the welcome I get when I come home from work} and I then nipped out to deliver a print order, it was just around the corner so that was a bonus!  Back home to watch ten minutes of Snow White {this is the new favourite film} and read my latest #PostCircle letter then it was time to tuck my Princess into bed.  Quick tidy up then we had take away for tea - result, no cooking!

The Mr and I have a little work to catch up on then we are going to 'attempt' to watch a film {I always fall asleep!}. Tomorrow is packing day as we're heading off to Tenerife on Tuesday {It's OK I've got all my post scheduled already}!

So, there you have a typical day... although today was not as busy as normal as there was no cooking or cleaning or laundry involved, oh and no picking up kiddos on my return journey!

A x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

#BEDN {10 things}

I love lists!!! 10 things... Hmm 10 things! I know... a Birthday wish list of 10 things! {hope the Mr reads this, I'm sure he'll be looking for ideas soon enough}...

My 10 Things! {9 pictured}

I love the Radley red letter day purse and it's on SALE right now!

Yummy Hotel Chocolat goodies! I love this brand, it's so expensive so I don't get it often

Orla Kiely weekend bag - I love this brand, this is a total splurge and I'm just dreaming on this one

I have loads of watches but only one in working order. Most are years old though. I do love the Michael Kors rose gold ones but I feel they are now becoming a bit common as I've saw so many wearing them... that puts me off a product

I've lusted after this Swarovski ring for years {size small}! Every year I try it on and vow I'll buy it with birthday money but I never do and gift money gets absorbed into the purse usually

PJs - I LOVE comfy PJS.. I've yet to find the perfect pair so if you've found them please let me know. I hate silky / satin ones, don't like fleecy ones and I'm not keen on button shirt like PJ tops. The ones pictures are Cath Kidston, another brand I love! But I'm too big or their sizes are too small for me... boo!

Starbucks - have you tried the red cups? The new Orange Mocha is amazing! I'm planning on having one today with my lunch AND I've heard they are going on Buy one Get one FREE from tomorrow (8th Nov - 11th Nov between 2-5pm.. yippee!). I do love a good coffee and Starbucks is my favourite but it is so expensive so I don't often treat myself to one. A gift card is a great idea for someone who likes little treats.

I've been looking for a new perfume for some time now. I don't have an absolute favourite. I had a sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I really liked it! What's your favourite perfume? I don't like vanilla smells...

Spa day - who doesn't love a spa day, well I don't know as I've never had one! Maybe one day!

The last thing on my list is a new rain coat, there's no photo as I can't find one to fit my fussiness - here's what I'm looking for in case you've seen it... Shower / rain proof, not padded, not flimsy or thin, has a hood {no furry bits}, zip up the front, 3/4 length, not patterned (unless it was subtle), not fussy on colour.

There you have it... my 10 things!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#BEDN {national stress awareness day}

If I take time to think {when I have time} then I know I am very stressed. I'm a born worrier... I worry about things that haven't even happened and I have waking nightmares about things that could happen. I always fear the worst. Sometimes I can't sleep for stressing about things I need to do the next day.

My job can be quite stressful as there can be very tight deadlines and a huge workload for the small team we have. I know I stress myself out in everyday life trying to keep the house tidy, home-cooked meals and making sure I spend as much time as I can entertaining and educating the littlest. I'm often drained, which then adds to my stress. Plus, I don't talk to anyone about what stresses me out. It's a vicious circle.

I don't do much to de-stress, although I would love to AND I PLAN TO. Here's my list of things I'm going to do to de-stress:

take a long soak with some essential oils
go for a swim
take time out at work and sit and have a coffee {starbucks red cups} and people watch
have an early night
declutter {my head and house}

What do you do to de-stress?

A x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#BEDN {bonfire night}

We've had such a fun day today. An impromptu day off together {the Mr was meant to be working until 4pm but got away early at 9.30am!!}, we went to soft play and littlest had such fun. Then some shopping {for beach shoes in the Winter, yeah that was simple..NOT}. After dinner we got wrapped up and took a stroll around the village so we could see some fireworks.

I'm not a fan of fireworks at home {probably due to my Dad being a <retired> fireman}, but I do love to watch a organised display. Maybe next year we'll venture out to one.

Stay safe everyone!

A x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Meal Planning {Monday}

So I planned my meals well in advance last week but that's now changed as I have a few meals out this week {yipee}. Yesterday I made some scrummy minestrone soup and some mac 'n' cheese with garlic bread it was all very tasty indeed!

The rest of the week looks like this:

Sausage, mash and beans {for kids as us Adults are dining out.. tapas!!}

Spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread

Stir fry chicken for kids {Adults dining out again}

Pitta bread pizza and homemade wedges

Mediterranean Pasty Ring {recipe here}

I'm so hoping we get take away as we will be packing for our holidays {leave on Tuesday}

Staying overnight in hotel in Glasgow, with dinner!

You can link up... just click the logo above to go to Mrs M page, here you can join in.

#BEDN {food glorious food}

I love food! It's like this subject was made just for me! I'm always contemplating a diet whilst thinking about menus for the following week... yes I do always think about food.

I love baking and I love cooking. Each week I plan our meals around what we have left in the fridge freezer, write out our meal plan for a week or two, grocery shop online {usually at Sainsburys}, we have a fruit and veg box delivered once a fortnight and we shop for our meat at Costco. We're very well organised when it comes to shopping and meals. We have to be as we both work full time. My slow cooker is my best friend!

I often post photos / recipes over here, which is a page I started to share weight watchers recipes {when I once lost over 20lbs... then went on an all inclusive holiday and the rest is history}.

Tonight's menu... the Mr and I are dining out {I have a service assessing job on at a lovely restaurant} the kiddos are having sausage, beans and mash - a comfort food old favourite!

What's on your plate?

A x

Ps... watch out for my Meal Planning Monday post popping up soon!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

#BEDN {light}

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival, known as the 'festival of lights'... I had never heard of it before but after a little reading it sounds wonderful! A few words that I would use to describe the celebration are: joy, kindness, peace, sharing, family, inner light... there's also the sharing of sweets, a good ole spring (autumnal) clean and fireworks.

Often in this world we live in (in my experience), we're often too busy with the bustle of life and work that we forget to embrace our own inner light... faith and trust in guidance from above.

I miss my faith and I often feel melancholy for letting go... it was an inner and uphill battle to be the only one in my entire family that believes and practised. In my parish I was an outsider and I never felt part as I was new, that made me feel disheartened.

I've lost my inner light, hopefully I'll find it some day... who knows where?

A x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

#BEDN {Something I made}

My three precious babies!

Biggest age 22, littlest age 2 and middle girly 19!


Friday, 1 November 2013

#BEDN {Introduction}

Here goes... my first #BEDN post.

I'm AnneeApple. Wife. Mummy of 3 (1 boy, 2 girls). I work full time and also manage my little graphic design business. I'm a service assessor (in my 'free' <hahahahaha> time). I love to craft and cook! Love to snail mail more.  I have an obsession with stationery!

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina. I went to ballet school full time once I'd finished Senior School and for a short time I was that ballerina.

I have a REM sleep disorder (nothing to do with the pop group).

In August 2002 I was told I'd lose my sight within 6 months. I can still see!

I have 9 and 3/4 fingers. I lost part of one in 2006 when I got it caught in a letterbox.

I love: my family, routine, being organised and tidy, chocolate, classical music, silence, tea.

I hate: celebrity TV shows, horror films, violence, cream soda, busy places, crocs!

So that's me... I look forward to catching up with everyone's introductions on #BEDN

A x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

{Cafe Ceramico}

We had such a fun day yesterday. An impromptu day off together (once we'd jumped on the bed to waken the Mr from his night-shift sleep... he didn't mind!)

We arrived at Cafe Ceramico around 12pm. We hadn't been before but I had read a review from Glasgow Mummy and it looked like heaps of fun! I had emailed Cafe Ceramico in advance to ask if the activities would be suitable for my littlest as she's just turned two. One prompt reply later Simon assured me that it was all about having fun and that it was!

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff who talked us through what to do. We chose a ceramic to paint... this took some time as there was so much to choose from. We chose a dragonfly as it was just the right size for the littlest to hold. We sat at a big table where a family was already painting their ceramics, everyone was having a great time. We put on an apron and got to work painting away.

Little one has such fun, choosing colour, painting dots, then painting over them all and starting again... 'more paint Mummy'. Once we had finished a member of staff took the dragonfly away to let it dry and to coat it with some shine and glitter. We headed down to the cafe area and ordered some lunch. We had toasties and coffee and littlest had a toddler lunch which was a ham sandwich, juice, crisps, chocolate fingers. It was great value for money.

There is also a small soft play area. This was a perfect size for a two year old! We're not regular visitors to any soft play so littlest took a few attempts to climb up the platform, but once I showed her how to hook her foot she was off and had great fun! By this time there was only another 2 or 3 kids there so it was nice and quiet.

Here's the finished piece...

We'll definitely be visiting again, it was a great activity for a rainy day!

You can visit Cafe Ceramico website here and Like them on Facebook here

A x

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dina Dina Dina... batman!

I'm trying to get in the blogging zone in preparation for my 'Blog every day in November' ... stop laughing, I'm going to try!

This week we're going to be eating:

Pasta bake and garlic bread eaten!

Spag bol

Mexican beef and potatoes

Chicken tikka and nan bread

Salmon with....... something!

Chilli con carne (slow cooker)

Minestrone soup and mac 'n' cheese

Sausage, mash and beans

Spaghetti carbonara

Pitta bread pizza

Yes, I know it's more than a week but I've just done my online grocery shop at Sainsburys and I planned this far in advance.

What's on your plate?

Remember to link up with Mrs M (click the logo at top to go straight to her page)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Blog every day in November?

I saw this challenge on a few blogs I follow back in May when it was 'Blog every day in May' (doh, you knew that right?) and I've been looking for some motivation to blog more, so this is the perfect challenge for me!

I am going on holiday mid November but I'll fit in some scheduled posts, I will.. won't I?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

{The Autumn Tag}

Thank you to Glasgow Mummy for tagging me in 'The Autumn Tag' meme.. I do like a meme and Autumn!

Favourite thing about Autumn...
The colours, deep golden hues... crisp leaves, the fresh air and cosy nights! Autumn is my favourite season, not too warm and cold enough to get cosy with my Ugg boots and scarves!

I'll be drinking...
Tea! I am enjoying mugs of peppermint tea and green tea right now but I am looking forward to a Starbucks Gingerbread Soya Latte as time draws nearer to Christmas!

Favourite scent..
Fresh bread and baking. You'll know I do love to bake and for the last few weeks I've been baking my own bread. I love the smell.

Best Lipstick...
I'm actually on the hunt for a new lippy. I have a make-up consultation at Clinique tomorrow so hopefully I'll find my best lipstick there?

Go to moisturiser...
I love taking care of my skin. I use Clinique 3-step and also their laserwear repair serum. I LOVE IT! I also use Estee Lauder advance night repair eye cream. I'm old but hope I don't look my age.

Eye colour...
I love smoky eyes, no favourite yet maybe pick that up too at Clinque tomorrow?

Favourite singer / band...
Apart from the Beatles I really enjoy Findlay Napier, if you can check them out then do so. I was first introduced to them many years ago at Celtic Connections and have been to so many gigs. Great talent... and Findlay and his wife have just had a baby - yay!

Outfit of choice...
My wardrobe is terrible. I really need a whole overhaul and restyle. I have no idea what suits me so all my clothes are a riot! So my outfit of choice will have to be my PJs (even they are hideous)

The place to be...
I love walking in the countryside... just being out in the open soaking up the world.

I'm going to tag the following bloggers:

The Mrs Makes
Transatlantic Blonde

I look forward to reading your Autumn Tags, if you link up :)

Monday, 30 September 2013

Meal Planning!

Hello! Where have I been? Right here, and very busy. Recovering from my op whilst still working and looking after littlest, then catching a throat infection and cold virus... but I have been right here. Stressed I must add, but that's just hectic family life for you! No matter how you debate how you think work / life balance should be in your head, it doesn't work out that way and sometimes (all the time) you just have to grin and bare it!

In a vow to be more organised so that those little stolen 5 mins of family time can be achieved I'm meal planning again... here it is!

You can join on with Mrs M too - just click the link above.

Monday, 9 September 2013

...then this happened!

Oh I've been neglectful of my blog.. but this little Princess turned two!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

recovery time

Sorry for the lack of posts, can't believe it's been 11 days since my last post. Even then that was a scheduled post as it was the day of my surgery...

My surgery went well and I'm recovering just fine. In case you're new to this blog I was having a para-umbilical hernia repair... in every day words, I had a hole in my stomach wall and my intestine was falling through, so I had a huge lump {I looked 16 months pregnant, yes 16!}. So I had open surgery and a piece of mesh was put on my stomach wall {like a fake stomach wall} and that was that! I had staples to hold the wound together but they are now out and the wound is healing fine.

I cannot wait until I can drive again and move around normally... I can't wait to get on my bike and go swimming and walk more than a mile! Simple things I've missed for a very long time. I'm also hoping that now I'm 'fixed' and in a few weeks time I'll be let loose to be 'normal' that I'll loose some of the {OK, lose lots} of the weight that has slipped on since I had the problem at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully I'll be back on track tomorrow with my Meal Planning... hopefully!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Through the Keyhole {part 1}

I love looking at other people's homes and decor. It's amazing to see how different people's taste is and to get some great tips and ideas for your own home too.

I had some lovely feedback about doing some 'Through the Keyhole' posts to my home, thank you! So I'm kicking it off with the main room / hub of the home. The living room / dining area.

We stay in a new build house, can't believe it's over three years since we moved in! New build isn't where my heart lies, I love older home with character and tradition but this isn't our forever home. Our previous home we had ripped out completely and it was a whole lot of hard work so I vowed I'd not be doing that again any time soon, hence the new build buy!

We've recently refreshed our main room: painted the 'mushroom' walls grey {as Dulux delisted the 'mushroom' colour}, replaced the creamy carpets with grey/brown oak wooden floor and a long awaited for new sofa!

living room area

I love my living room area, it's nice and bright. It has a huge window to the front and at the back of the room {at the dining area} there are patio doors that lead to the garden. The garden is always in full sun until around 8pm so there's lots of natural light flowing into this room all the time.

You'll notice I have a 'thing' for dots!  My littlest got a little armchair for Christmas {from Dunelm Mill}, it is of course red with white polka dots. Our other dotty item is a huge rug from Ikea, only £20! I also have a 'thing' for Zebra print. I do try and limit my animal prints as too much isn't nice {I don't think}.  I have a lampshade in Zebra print, the lamp base is from TK Maxx as is the shade but both were purchased years apart {There used to be a pleated red shade on the base.. yuk!}. I also have a Zebra print storage box which holds the piano music, another TK Maxx purchase.

The canvas above my sofa was a total fluke make, it did take me a few days to get used to it but now I love it! I used spare paint I had in the garage and just slapped it on... adding to it, rubbing bits, twisting the brush.. anything really. I'm not sure anyone else likes it but I do and I made it!

Clocks... Oh you'll see a whole lot of clocks in these posts, this one is from TK Maxx {yeah I do like TK Maxx}.  My favourite clock is at the top of the stairs... it's a backward clock that I made..So when you look in the mirror you can see yourself and the correct time, anyway more on that when I get to that post {exciting}.

My TV unit is from Ikea, a great buy! It holds our huge TV {Hubber likes his gadgets, I could so live without a TV} and I have storage boxes along the bottom which houses all littlest's toys! Quick to throw back in once she's in bed, close the box over and voila toy free living room!

dining room area

The dining room area is hardly used as we eat at the table in the kitchen, but on special occasions or if we have guests we'll eat here as it seats 6 comfortably. You may remember lightgate?  If not I won't bore you with the details but the short story is: I saw a light I loved and it was out of stock and out of production but I eventually found it on display at Next and begged the store to sell me it, so once they had it pat tested I got it!

The dining area isn't huge but it does hold the dining table, 6 chairs, the piano, a tall cupboard and the bureau! {jeezo that is a lot}. All our furniture is dark brown / black wood but the bureau is a lighter colour... that kind of annoys me but I do love my bureau as it holds all my #PostCircle and crafting supplies, plus when we move house it will have it's own room {fingers crossed}. A recent addition to the dining area is the deer's head. Like the canvas, I'm not sure anyone else likes it but I LOVE IT!

My other favourite things are my Paris photos, I took these in 2008. The flower arrangement on the table {in the animal print jug with a matching milk and sugar bowl} are fake, I used to run a little flower / fascinator company {many years ago} called Bloomsadaisy and this is one of my creations from then.

So there you have my first through the keyhole post!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Now I wonder which room to focus on next...

*Scheduled post {I might even be on the operating table as you read this!}

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


The meals this week... it's all a bit of scribble and thrown together. I go into hospital at 9am tomorrow for my stomach surgery and we're also running down the freezer as it's full! 

Tuesday - Goat's cheese quiche, roasted sweet potato and salad.  Littlest had chicken nuggets and corn on the cob.  Biggest had pizza. 

Wednesday - Chicken nuggets and home made fried rice with mushroom and onion.

Thursday - Potato wedges {waffles for biggest} and cheese burgers with salad.

Friday - Spag bol with garlic ciabatta.  Biggest having chicken and waffles.

Saturday - Mediterranean veg pastry ring.  Littlest having fish fingers and beans and Biggest tbc

Sunday - Chilli meatballs with rice.   

I'm linking up with Mrs M... what's you your plate this week?