Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Eve

... is there such a thing?  Well if there is then this is it!  We've carved the pumpkin, which is looking quite good! And the Halloween bags are prepared and in the hallway, we've made 25, hopefully that will be enough.  Last year I made the same an had about 15 left!

It's been busy and still is busy in AnneeApple land.  I have a few graphic design jobs I need to complete in the next couple of days and a lot of driving about to do and there's book club on Thursday, but... I've not even started the book... I can go along for the tea an biscuit right?

I signed up for Bloggers' Secret Santa today, I'm quite excited about this.  I don't usually get surprise gifts, it should be fun!  I'm looking forward to finding out who I've to buy a gift for.  There's still time to sign up if you want to join in! Do it!

Hope you all have a fab Halloween!  Stay safe! x

Halloween Nails!

I really should have done something with my little amputee finger, made it into a monster or had the mouth / teeth nail eating it... ewwww now that's gross!   Have a great Halloween everyone! x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gingerbread... to ice or not to ice?

My gingerbread has to be iced!  I've known some to butter their slice and some eat it plain but I LOVE it iced!  By request here is the recipe... I think I'll make this next week for Halloween, I have some orange and black food colouring and I have a snazzy ice idea using those colours, plus it's yummy!

225g plain flour
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons of ground ginger
1 teaspoon of mixed spice
1 teaspoon of bicarbe of soda
50g of brown sugar (I use demerara) 
100g butter or margarine
175g black treacle
50g golden syrup
150ml milk
2 eggs

Put all the dry ingredients into the blender and blend until combined.  

In a pan melt the butter, treacle, syrup gently and slowly beat in the milk until combined and then set aside to cool.  Add the eggs once the mix is cool and beat until combined.  Then add into the blender and blend until all combined.  Pour into tray and cook for around 40 - 45 mins (until it's firm on top and a skewer put in the middle comes out clean).

Once cool you can ice and then it's best left for one whole day (if you can wait that long... I usually make it at night and don't eat any until the next day)... then cut into squares.


A x

Apple Spice Drizzle Ice.... muffins

Can you tell I came up with the name whilst the Rhyme Rocket was on TV?

You may already know (from Twitter or my Facebook page) that we're having a storecupboard / freezer week... we've got so much in there and we want to do a Costco shop at the weekend and we've nowhere to store the new things... so meals and treats are being made from what's at home.

I bought a huge bag of apples last week and I had already used some to make Apple and Pear Crumble at the weekend so I wanted something different... quite fancied a toffee and apple cake but I had made a big cake the other day (if you want that recipe just holler, it was amazing... Devil's Food Cake)... so muffins it was... here they are and here is the recipe:

350g self raising flour
160g caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of bicarbe of soda
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of mixed spice

375ml milk
2 tablespoons of lemon juice

1 egg
2 tablespoons of golden syrup

70g butter
500g of apples
brown sugar

Put the flour, powders, salt, spice and caster sugar into blender (I always use a blender for all my cakes, and I never bother sifting anything!) and blend till all combined

Add the lemon juice into the milk and leave aside for 5mins

Skin and chop the apples add these to the butter (which you're now melting in a pan), sprinkle over some brown sugar and cook these for about 5mins (whilst the milk and lemon juice are resting)

Add the egg and golden syrup into the milk mixture and beat with fork until combined.  Slowly add this into the dry ingredients in the blender, blending slowing until all combined.  Then add the apple / butter mixture and blend till all combined.

Spoon into muffin cases and sprinkle with brown sugar before baking at 170 degrees for around 25 -35 mins (until golden brown).... job done!

Oh... drizzle with plain icing if you like :)  This recipe made 24 small muffins or it would make 12 big muffins.

A x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wish List

Always wanted to create a wish list.. so here it is:

I love this pendant, the heart shape is quirky and I love Chris's style of fonts and the way he put them together.

I'd say this was a matching ring, to the pendant.  I really want a new ring.

I love Swarovski!  I have one pair of earings from there, which were a gift.  A new store recently opened at Glasgow Fort and I love browsing there, the store is lush!!


I want not one but two Cath Kidston bags... although one is a laptop bag - I do have to measure my laptop to see if it will fit first though... so you're (yes you) are thinking of buying this item then wait until I've said the laptop will fit! ... I got a new laptop bag, not as lush as the Cath Kidson one but more practical and black (boring)!

Oh well...I've got as much chance as nae chance of getting any of these, but hey a girl can dream right?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cinnamon and Raisin Pasties

I love these and I don't make them often enough!  They are so simple, trust me!

What you need:  
A regular packet of puff pastry (yes the packet you'd have with your stew and tatties)
A big spoonful of apricot jam
A small spoon of cinnamon
Raisins (optional)

What you do:
Roll out the puff pastry until it's a big rectangle, it should be about 3mm - 5mm thick (if you want to be technical)
Mix the jam and cinnamon together... if it's thick then heat it in the microwave for a few seconds till it's easier to spread... then spread all over the rectangle of puff pastry
Sprinkle over the raisins (if using)
Now cut the pastry into long strips and roll up... place each on flat onto a baking tray (line your tray with greaseproof paper).
Spread any leftover jam over the tops before baking
Bake till golden brown (around 10mins)
Once cool drizzle thin icing over the top then MUNCH!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Green & Black's NEW Flavours!

It won't come as a surprise to you that I love chocolate!  After many years of having a milk allergy (that disappeared as quickly as it came), I am again enjoying all the chocolate I missed out on.  When I suffered from my milk allergy I could tolerate Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Organic Mint and it was my saviour! So when I heard that Green & Black's where about to launch some new flavours, I couldn't wait to try them!!

I love trying new flavours and will happily give anything a go but I really wasn't sure about the Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt combination.  At first bite the chocolate is lush and creamy, it's the after taste that the sea salt flavour hits and it is wonderful!!  I really enjoyed this, smooth chocolate with taste of sea salt, who thinks of these combinations... brilliant!  I could happily eat a few squares of this bar at the one sitting!

Now the Spiced Chilli... I do love dark chocolate and I have tried and enjoyed the Maya Gold bar (which has nutmeg, cinnamon and orange flavours) but I've not tried any chocolate with chilli.  The chocolate in this bar was very rich indeed and the spices where smooth and not overpowering but you could definitely taste the flavours.  I think I'd enjoy this bar if I ate a little at a time, it would be the perfect bar to have at home when I am healthy eating as I'd only nibble one square and I'd be satisfied with my chocolate hit!

Have you heard of the recipe of adding chocolate to chilli con carne?  It's a great addition and I think the Spiced Chilli chocolate would be a luxury addition - great for a dinner party!

If you've not tried these bars yet and you love chocolate then go for it!  Also check out the Green & Black's website, it has a new look and some great images there (I'm a sucker for good photography too!).  Let me know what you think when you try them!

Annee Apple was sent these two delicious chocolate bars to review.