Tuesday, 11 February 2014

daily diary doodles

My love for doodling has returned in the form of #dailydiarydoodles {search for the tag on Instagram and Twitter}. I do love doodles and can be lost for quite some time on Instagram pouring over some and wishing I had the time or notion to doodle again. Well, I found some time a few days ago and loved it! 

I created my first doodle on a postcard that I've included in a #happymail to one of my new penpals. I had the perfect sketch book to use for this new project... my monologue A6 hard back sketch book, it's so luxurious! The cover is bright orange and has a suede like texture. The paper is fantastic! I've used various pens / inks and nothing has leaked through!

The generous people at Grandluxe / Monologue sent me a wonderful package of books to review, I really do love them all... each one I use I decide there and then it's my new favourite {until I try the next one}. A full review of them all will be coming to the blog real soon.

Here's a snippet of my #dailydiarydoodles

Do you doodle? Show me!

A x

Monday, 10 February 2014

{I'm a} loser

I am a loser. I've lost 10lbs in 4 weeks, great huh? Number 1 and 2 of my 14 goals in Twenty 14 are in progress! I've still got a long way to go {around 67lbs more to lose to be at my 'ideal' weight} but small steps in the right direction. I'm not strictly following any one diet and I've not signed up to anything, but I am following the premise of Slimming World and have gathered knowledge from friends who have tired the plan and are currently on it. To be honest, it's not rocket science, it is common sense and planning... oh yes planning and home cooking! I was never one to buy any ready prepared meals so that part has been no problem for me.

eggs, my new friend! love boiled eggs!

So, to planning - here's the plan for this week's meals. Also trying to control the spending as we're going to Disneyland, Paris in two weeks time!!

Tuesday - veg curry {butternut squash, peppers, onion, mushroom and spinach} with rice

Wednesday - spaghetti carbonara {sauce made with quark and eggs}

Thursday - out - I'm at the Scotswoman of the Year Awards in the City Chambers

Friday - homemade burgers with paprika wedges

Saturday - quorn sausages, mash, peas and gravy

Sunday - omlette, homemade {slimming world recipe} chips and beans

What's on your plate? Click the image above to join in with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday

A x