Thursday, 16 January 2014

{teapigs} matcha green tea

Hello, hello! Have you heard of matcha green tea, or more importantly teapigs matcha green tea? I was kindly sent a modern matcha kit to try it out for two weeks in January. Perfect as I was tackling this year with my new 14 goals in Twenty 14.

To give you a little snippet of matcha green tea, it's been shown to increase energy. It's also high in antioxidants and lots have seen benefits in their skin and also their performance when training.  It so versatile that it can be drunk hot or cold, in water or juice or in smoothies! You can also add it to your porridge or bake with it!  Gulp.. I was keen to try out this little pot of green goodness!

In the kit there was a 30g pot of matcha green tea {which you store in the fridge once opened}
A measuring spoon {little cute thing}
A teapigs shot glass
An electric hand held whisk
And a cute little badge!

teapigs matcha shot

I opted to take a shot each morning, so I measured out my half a spoon of match green tea {around 1g} and my shot glass of water and whisked {I did try this in the shot glass and it went everywhere, so the next day I whisked in a bigger glass then poured into the shot glass}. It didn't taste of anything much, just a mild taste of green tea and it wasn't unpleasant. I've been taking my shot each morning with breakfast without fail for two weeks.. how do I feel?

I do feel a little more refreshed, anyone who knows me will know how busy my lifestyle is... working full time, running a small business, three kids {make that four if you count the Mr}, lots of travelling and I'm a clean freak so always busy and I've not even mentioned my total obsession with #Postcircle.

Usually on my days off, the mornings will be hectic with laundry, cleaning, prepping dinners / lunches and also entertaining the little one with painting or playdoh or something creative {she takes after me, loves the arts}, by mid afternoon when we have a little chill out time I am usually zonked and can easily doze off when littlest naps. But since taking matcha I've not been flagging, I feel I can keep going for longer... ok by 7pm I'm ready for my bed, if only I could go! So I can relate to the increased energy, although it's not instantly obvious, you are most definitely not buzzing or high in any way. 

I've also been thinking about the benefits of matcha being high in antioxidants... Now I can catch a cold at the change of the weather, the change of season and sometimes I can catch the cold just by thinking about it and when I do, I suffer quite bad. In the past three months I've had two bad bouts... right now {touch wood}, I'm feeling fine so I am hoping that the high levels of antioxidants are working in keeping any germs at bay. I'm going to keep going with the matcha shot each morning for a while now and let's see if the cold arrives and if it does how it is compared to previous bouts!

I've not noticed any changes to my skin yet, but it is only two weeks in. 

One thing I really have noticed is... how to describe this... an inner calm? I'm quite a stressed out person {although in the public eye I might look calm and collected}, I am a born worrier. Lately, I've felt a kind of stillness inside and can quite happily just sit and collect my thoughts. Is this related to taking the matcha shot? Who knows, but I like it!

Have you tried matcha? I'd love to hear what you think. I'm going to keep going and I'll report back in another two weeks time!

Oh... this product won a slimmer award!! Here's hoping it helps my weightloss!

Thank you to teapigs who sent me the matcha kit to review. The review above is my honest opinion of the product.

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Claire Kirkwood said...

I have I give this a try! I shall let you know how it goes. x