Monday, 25 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Is it Monday again?  Seriously, I feel like I've just typed this post (last week's!)... so, we stuck to our plan which was great... it does make such a difference when everything is planned in advance.  Another hectic week on the horizon so here's the meal plan:

Monday - chicken fajitas (for 4) fish fingers (for littlest)

Tuesday - mince (slow cooker), mash, cauliflower and yorkshire puds

Wednesday - pasta with tomato and chilli sauce (for 4), tuna pasta (for 1 who doesn't like tomato) and garlic bread

Thursday - chilli and wedges (or nachos) (for 3), BLT baguettes (for 1... other is one night shift)

Friday - sausage, mash and beans

Saturday - casserole (slow cooker) with roast potatoes

Sunday - mild curry (slow cooker), rice and chapatis (or nan)

I look forward to reading all your meal plans and don't forget to click the link above and hook up with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday!

A x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mediterranean Veg Pastry Ring

Oh Yum!  The Mediterranean Veg Pastry Ring was a success, so good that we had it for dinner again tonight!  Here's my version (as I always adapt a recipe)...


1 courgette
1 pepper
1 aubergine
4 mushrooms
1 leek
handful of cherry tomatoes
olive oil
herbs and spices for seasoning
tin of croissant dough (you could use puff pastry)*
philadelphia with chives


Prepare veg and put in oven tray, drizzle over some olive oil (just a little) and season (I used some dried mixed herbs and a sprinkling of mild chilli powder).  Roast for 20-30mins. (I prepared this part in the morning and just left veg to cool but you could use it straight away)

Open the tin of croissant dough (the tins are great, you twist to open them and the dough is precut into triangles )  Place each triangle on your baking tray (I used a pizza tray and covered with greaseproof paper) in a ring shape (it looks like a big sunshine... for now)...

You can whizz the roasted veg in a food processor with the philadelphia or just chop it all up and mix with the philadelphia, then spoon it into the ring....

Then just fold over the ends of the triangle and tuck in... bake at 180 degrees (fan oven) for 12 mins and that's it!  It's so very tasty and would work with so many different fillings!  

We served ours with herb rice and salad (dressed with oil and balsamic)

Give it a go, you won't regret it!

*if you can't find croissant dough (as I had to visit a few supermarkets to find it) you can use puff pastry, just roll it out so it's about 1-2cm thick and cut into triangle shapes (look at the photo above for an idea of the shape)... I think puff pastry would take a bit longer to cook, so keep and eye on it until it's golden in colour.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday

(Ok it's Tuesday but I'm getting there...)

First time linking up with Mrs M Meal Planning Monday... I do meal plan and I do plan to link up but life just gets in the way!  But here's our plan so far (ps there's 5 of us, 4 adults and 1 toddler, 2 of the adults <the big kids> are very fussy eaters indeed!):

Monday - (we had) Pizza and Pasta.  Toddler had homemade spag bol (left overs from previous meal)
(everyone working and mad rush getting home had to be something quick)

Tuesday - seasoned chicken, cooked in a bag... I'm currently trialling the Maggi range (I'm a buzzagent) with rice and sweetcorn.  1 fussy big child is having pie and beans and toddler is having pizza

Wednesday - mince, mash, yorkshire puddings and veg (a meal we all like!)

Thursday - something from the freezer, some chicken burgers / steaks in there

Friday - spaghetti meatballs and garlic ciabatta

Saturday - I'm going to make the Mediterranean Veg Pastry Ring (Glasgow Mummy recipe here) my sister is visiting and she's vegetarian, it looks great!

Sunday - erm.....

So there you have it... probably not the healthiest of menus for the week.  What are you having?

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hey!  It's time for WIWW and I'm linking up with Transatlantic Blonde...

Did I tell you I got my fringe cut back in?  
Yeah, it's OK so far, usually it grows like wild fire.

Wednesday was snowing quite heavy (although it's all gone now), so I wore boring ole M&S black trousers, snow books from Snow and Rock, a emerald green tee from M&S and a animal print scarf from Wallis... my nails (kinda clashed but hey) where painted in Barry M high gel red with white polka dots with a Models Own nail pen.  I'm taking part in the #nailartfeb challenge over on Instagram, so today's (Thursday) theme is OOTD (outfit of the day) so I painted my nails to match my red polka dot Cath Kidston bag (I love that bag!)... so what you wearing?  Don't forget to link up with WIWW xx