Saturday, 27 April 2013

Smitten {Matcha Style}

Can I just say... we're going on our haw-lee-days tomorrow morning! Just a little excited! OK, now I've got that out my system.. I'm linking up with Glasgow Mummy for Smitten Saturday, pop on over and join in!

The lovely people at teapigs sent me some Matcha Tea to sample for their #MatchaMay. When it arrived it looked very much not like tea... it was a green powder!  But an information booklet and note were provided and it explained the process for producing it AND the health benefits so I was looking forward to trying it!

There's lots of ways to serve your Matcha Tea but I opted for simply adding hot water and whisking until smooth. It was a dark green in colour and had a much stronger smell than normal green tea but it was really nice!! I don't think it's the type of tea were after a hard days work you'd rush home and make a cup to relax...I think for me it's more of drinking a cup with a main meal or early morning knowing the health benefits.

teapigs Match Tea

I am a huge fan of teapigs and I love their green tea with mint. I am considering buying some Matcha Tea as I imagine it will help me focus as I have such a busy lifestyle. It is quite expensive but when you break it down per cup it's not so bad. You can even add the powder to baking / cooking!! Take a look at the links and see how amazing this tea sounds! I still have some of my sample left, which I'll keep to kick off my healthy eating once I return from my {all inclusive} holiday in the sun {have I mentioned that yet?}

So there you have it.... I'm Smitten with teapigs, such a cool brand! If you pop over to and use the code BLOGGERS12 you can get 15% off, you can also sign up for their newsletter!

Don't forget to check out Glasgow Mummy page and link up and tell us what you're Smitten with.

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Glasgow Mummy said...

Have an amazing holiday - I'm very jealous!!

I love tea pigs but don't buy them often. I'm going to investigate the matcha tea though after seeing this.

Thanks for joining in with Smitten Saturday :-)