Friday, 7 September 2012


I've been so busy lately that I've not had time to make a homemade meal but today I finished work at 12.30pm and I am off for 18 days (yipee).. so my first stop on way home was to Asda for shopping as the fridge was bare!

I planned on making spaghetti bolognese, which I did but then I spotted lasange sheets in the cupboard and I just had to make lasagne!  I always make my own red and white sauce and sometimes the white sauce can be quite bland when I make it quickly (without the onion and nutmeg), so I had a brain wave and added some Dairylea triangles!

I'm currently trying Dairylea as I'm a BzzAgent and Dairylea have a new recipe, which is so creamy!  I added two triangles to my white sauce and it made it a great thick consistency and it was tasty without the need to add heaps of cheese, I only had to add a tablespoon of Red Leicester along with the triangles and the sauce was perfect!

The lasagne was a great hit and baby loved it too!!  I'll definitely be making it again soon and Dairylea will now be added each time!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

It worked!

It worked!  Chunky jewel shaped crayons!  Although I was scared to overfill the mould as I wasn't sure how the wax would melt, so only have the jewel shape has turned out, but not to worry I will redo them tomorrow using these crayons and just add some more!

Chunky Crayons anyone?

The last time I tried to make chunky crayons this happened....

Yup, as I was carrying the tray of molten wax outside to cool something (spray bottle of Vanish) leaped off the utility shelf and I dropped the tray!  It took hours to clean up, but thanks to my Super Aunt who saved the day with her steamer we got the place as good as new again.

I've been itching to try and make crayons again.  I had to throw out the trays that I used before so the only one I have left is a jewel shaped mould... fingers crossed they work.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What I Wore Wednesday


I've been looking for inspiration on how to kick off my blog, so why not with What I Wore Wednesday!

I can never seem to manage to get any photos of me... so this week you are getting my shoes.  You'll find out over time that I love animal print, especially Zebra and Leopard *shurgs*.

If you're hanging around, I do plan on blogging more and linking to my Facebook page - check it out - it's all about cooking, crafting and reviewing and I will showcase some of my prints which are from my Graphic Design and Photography company and

Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - M&S
Black knitted jumper - M&S
Animal print scarf - Wallis