Monday, 24 June 2013

{sneaks in}

hello... here I am!

I seem to have been missing in action since last Monday! I guess it was a busy week at work, squeezing in buying a new car {I hate car shopping but this time it was quite painless and I love the car!}

I couldn't even fit in my craft club {which is only one hour a month and I do get angry that I can't even manage a little hour a month to do something I want to hour, pft!! It's tough but that could be a whole other blog post!}

On Friday we headed to Shetland. It was some trip! A 3 hour drive to Aberdeen {in the new car!} then a 12 hour ferry trip to Shetland...

It started to look dull just as we set sail
AEM Photography

AEM Photography

The journey there was great, calm sea and the cabin wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be and we arrived in Shetland around 7.30am... I really wanted to visit Jarlshorf which was just a 20 min drive from Lerwick, so off we went... and the rain fell!  Jarlshorf is mostly outside and we decided not to visit as we'd all get drenched {sad face} so we headed to Sumburgh Head.  It was wild, there was no way littlest could even get out the car, she'd have been blown off the cliff. So I trooped up alone to take some photos of the sea birds and puffins. I didn't realise just how wet it was as the wind was cutting through me, I struggled to stay upright! But I was drenched... I regret getting so wet now as I didn't have another jacket to change into and spent the rest of the day with a t-shirt and cardigan on and my jeans soaked... my hair was dripping wet and had to be left to dry. I was so cold!

Puffins at Sumburgh Head, Shetland.
AEM Photography

The weather didn't pick up at all, it rained constantly. We drove to a few other areas on Shetland:  Toft, Lerwick and Scalloway but there wasn't much to do in the rain. We did visit Shetland Museum {and had chips, which I couldn't eat... should have known then I was unwell haha!}

dressing up box in Shetland Museum

the favourite hat

If the weather had been better our trip would have been amazing as the scenery, views and wildlife was gorgeous but we just couldn't appreciate it all in the rain, which is sad. 

The journey home was awful! I was feeling quite bad by the time we had to board the ferry, I just couldn't heat up. As soon as we got to the cabin I lay down covered in the duvets, a hour later I was sweating to the point I was ready to pass out. Was it a side effect of being soaked or had I caught a bug? Who knows... I spent the whole night feeling really awful and the crossing was terrible, so choppy! I woke up ill, which I think was due to some travel sickness thrown in for good measure. I didn't eat for over 24 hours and was sick on the way home. We had to cut our weekend short as we had planned to visit a Historic Scotland site on way home and had a nice lunch planned but we had to cancel all as I couldn't lift my own head up. A day of dozing on the sofa and sipping water seems to have cured me but I am left with not much appetite and a sore throat!

AEM Photography

I guess it was still an experience to visit Shetland and I do hope to return one day {now if only we could guarantee good weather}. I'm reading Raven Black just now for RRBookGroup {come on over and join in if you love reading} and funnily enough it's based in Shetland, so it was like a little mini research trip. But, if I was to sum up Shetland with one word, that word would be 'dreich'

Ps:  I'm hoping to be super organised and link up with Meal Planning Monday and Smitten Saturday before the end of the week... I can do it, right?!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Mmm {and a Tesco rant}

I'm sat here staring at my meal planning list that I scribbled earlier... I wrote it on orange paper with a red pen, I can't see a thing! So, I'll improvise, which should be fine as I've not long unpacked my shopping from my late night Tesco trip.

I wasn't happy at all with Tesco tonight {yes, I've scheduled this post}. I usually go to Carluke or Lanark Tesco but opted for Wishaw tonight {never again}.  I had a huge trolley filled with groceries {over £80 worth} and when I got to the check out there was no-one serving! I asked the girl at the self serve why and was told no-one was available and I had to self scan {WTF}. It was a nightmare, let's not mention my bad hand or the fact I've not to do heavy lifting due to stomach problem. I even had to shout, abruptly, to get the staff member's attention as she stood chatting to her friend at the other side. Not long after I had started scanning two check-outs opened up, I really wasn't pleased. By this time another girl had taken over manning the self serve and I asked her why there was no staff and she didn't know. I told her I wasn't happy and I wouldn't be back and she said.... nothing! I had lots of coupons to use and the self serve is a total ar5e for scanning coupons! Each one had to be authorised and I'm sure some didn't even scan!

So, Tesco... I'd be keen to hear your comment?!

Monday: BBQ chicken pasta bake with garlic bread slices

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas {we got a new grill / pannini toaster, so I'll be toasting my fajita wraps}

Wednesday: Goat's cheese quiche with filled pasta and sundried tomato sauce {we didn't have this last week we had a sundried tomato one then}

Thursday: Feta, olive and carmalised onion pastry tart

Friday: We're off to Shetland and back on Sunday evening!

Why don't you join in this week? Do you plan your meals or just decide on that day (I'd love to do that!).  Click the link above to join in with MrsM

Saturday, 15 June 2013

{smitten saturday}

Sometimes you just have to look around you to find treasures...

We moved here {the little village of Morningside} 3 and a half years ago, since then the estate has grown so much!{the estate that was built in the middle of lovely coutryside, eventhough I stay in it I would have been devastated if I'd lived in the village and then two new estates came along... but at the time I was far too excited about a new home to realise!}

I've been pretty stressed lately, hospital appointment, pending op for stomach repair, new proposals at work that will change my job role and hours {this is good and exciting but stressful to organise with childcare}... I really miss just getting up and going out walking for hours, we {littlest and I} do go out walking quite a lot but it's usually to the post box and that takes around 45 mins {walking at toddler pace - 5 mins for adult pace}... sometimes you just need to clear your head and take in some fresh air! 

It had just down-poured but the sky looked brighter so I got on my walking shoes {how I miss wearing these} and littlest happily sat in her pram {bribed with a bag of skips} and off we went on our adventure...

there are loads of horses in the village

long roads, some of them winding

I'm sure the horses don't like skips anyway

miles of buttercups

cycling down this road is the best EVER!
{yeah, I miss cycling too}

nearly home.. skips done

Our walk was around 3 miles and we took around 2 hours, we walked slowly and took in all the sights, sounds and smells. We saw: horses, shetland ponies, geese, ducks, sheep, cows, chickens, cockerels and a vole {yay! #TeamVole #PostCircle}. It's a great walk which I used to do daily either on foot of pedal power!

So there you have it, I'm smitten with Morningside! What are you smitten with? Link up with Glasgow Mummy and tell us...

Friday, 14 June 2013

Pre-op assessment

I should be in bed,
But I'm filled with dread,
I have a pre-op assess in the morning...

They'll poke and prod,
I'll smile and nod,
I have a pre-op assess in the morning...

They might take blood,
I'll cry like a fud,
I have a pre-op assess in the morning...

I'll need a treat,
Probably something sweet
For after my pre-op assess in the morning...

Monday, 10 June 2013

MPM {so soon!}

I probably say it every week {or at least I do in my own head} but how can it be Monday already?

I had a moment on Saturday... I was tired {are you sick of hearing me say that? I'm sick of saying it} and hungry and the thought of cooking or eating was a chore in itself. But off to Tesco I went and I filled the trolley with lots of prepared vegetables, some ready meal curry, two dine for £10 deal {which looks lush} and some other prepared things. I had to check myself a few times that night to see if I had come out in a rash.

Now, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with buying these types of meals but I always do homemade and it just feels so strange just popping things in the oven. I've only had one prepared meal so I'll pass judgement on the rest until next week.

This week looks like:

Monday: we ate out at Wagamamas

Tuesday: Tesco - two dine for £10 meal - horseradish mash, chicken and choritzo main, chocolate and caramel melt in the middle dessert

Wednesday: roasted veg with goats cheese quiche

Thursday: breaded chicken and sweet potato {roasted or mash}

Friday: panninis with various fillings {I fancy brie, cranberry and ham}

Saturday: pasta dish

Sunday: tbc

What's on your menu... inspire me!  You can link up with Mrs M too, just click the button / photo above.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

it's what she says

It's nearly Monday already and I've been awake since 5.45am, who knows I may even be woken at 5.45am again tomorrow {I hope not}. I think I can say I've probably not enjoyed today, I did have moments of fun but mostly I've been too tired to function.

{hate me now}... is it the sunshine? I don't do well in the heat. I can't remember when the last dull day was. I remember most of last week it being so hot in the office, even reaching 32 degrees at one point {wish I had aircon}. I've been so hot that I've been uncomfortable and my feet, my poor feet, are aching... my tummy is sore {operation soon} and I want to sleep for somewhere around 3 weeks solid.

I have lots to do and no time to do it. But, I've just read this blog post over on The Startup Wife and it makes sense, it all makes sense. I think I'm going to read that post every day.

Here's to a good week and fingers crossed one that's not so stressful and so busy! {I can only wish}

Thursday, 6 June 2013

{grey} sunny days

The sun has got his hat on... hip hip hip hooray! Isn't it wonderful when the sun shines?

It's been non-stop in anneeapple land since the weekend. Monday was picnic in the park with my friend and our little girls - it was a great day! Tuesday and Wednesday saw full days in the office and then the nights filled with painting the living room... grey!! Two shades of grey {no, not 50}, but still keeping my feature wall 'roasted red'!

Today I was off {waiting on my new flooring being delivered} and the sun shone yet again... we spent just about all of the day in the garden and once littlest went to bed {and I had returned from book group} we had dinner alfresco.

Tiger rolls with italian meats, feta, olives,
salad and mayo {and a cheeky Cidre}

I've had such lovely happy mail this week, I've got 5 letters {so far} to reply too, that's my weekend evenings sorted! Yay!

Here's to the sun staying around for a little bit longer, wouldn't it be nice to have a real Summer?

Monday, 3 June 2013

RR book group

I've had lots of chat lately about what I'm reading and about the book club I go to... The book club is called Ruth's Readers and is hosted by Newmains Library. We meet every four weeks on a Thursday evening from 6-7pm. We're not a serious reading group at all, we read lots of different genres and most of the time I'm lucky to finish the chosen book as I'm so busy. But that's OK, we read what we can {although just about everyone else finishes their book}, thankfully no-one seems to mind that I'm the slacker... it's a lovely bunch of people and I always look forward to meeting up with everyone.

A few of my online friends had recently mentioned they'd love to be part of a book group too... cue light bulb moment... and RR Book Group has been born!

Everyone is welcome to come on over and Like / Join in. On 6th June {the night of my book club meet} I'll announce what our new book is and if you join in great! 4 weeks later we can all find our way to the Facebook Page and have an informal chat about what we thought about it. In between times we can use the page to chat about where we are in the book, ask questions.. anything.

Hope to see you there!

Ps... the book we're reading just now is Jo Brand 'Look Back in Hunger' {I've only read 28 pages so far, no chance I'll finish it... I don't like autobiographies}

{sunny} Monday

I'm hoping it's sunny {as I'm scheduling this post as I am out picnicking in the park - if it's sunny}...

What a glorious weekend! A busy day on Saturday shopping with the littlest and my wee Sister... hours of walking, my legs still haven't recovered from. A busy day on Sunday, every last bit of laundry washed and dried {although basket is half full from bedtime routines}, lots of playing in the garden, lunch at the garden table, ballet4babies class, more playing in the garden before bed... a long lie tomorrow would be just perfect, but sadly no - I've got a few more weeks to wait until it's my long lie day!

Food... yes food... last week's meal planning went great until I forgot to defrost the meat for Sunday's slow cooker stew. So that meant a take-away of a healthy chicken kebab {there's salad in it you know!}. This week's meals look like this:

Monday - spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread

Tuesday - lasanage {leftovers from last week's that I froze} and fries / salad

Wednesday - pizza and salad

Thursday - subway style rolls with various fillings

Friday - stew and york puddings

Saturday - sausage, mash and beans

Sunday - slow cooker curry and nan bread

What's on your menu this week? Don't forget to link up with Mrs M...

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Orange Wellies {Smitten}

It may be Summer but I'm smitten with wellies... and not just any wellies but ORANGE wellies!

There is a story behind the orange wellies... When I was little I always wanted wellies but I wasn't allowed. My Mum insisted on Clarks leather boots. Obviously now I know how important good footwear is and I'm grateful that I had Clarks leather boots, but when you're little you want wellies... and I wanted orange ones.

It's a little joke in our family and every now and again I'll joke how my life is incomplete and I was deprived as I'd never had the orange wellies I wanted so much. Today I met my lovely wee Sister for a shopping trip to Livingston and SHE BOUGHT ME ORANGE WELLIES!!! Thanks Sis!

What are you smitten with this week? Come on over and link up with Glasgow Mummy, you know you want to!