Saturday, 13 April 2013

Smitten Saturday {Mia Tui}

I'm joining Glasgow Mummy for Smitten Saturday (you can click the button above to visit her lovely blog and find out more), basically each Saturday I'll feature one thing that I'm loving right now... food, brand, beauty product, activity, someone... anything really, sounds like fun right?

Right now I'm smitten with my new Mia Tui Minnie Amelie bag, isn't she lovely?

I found Mia Tui on Twitter when a friend recommended (I'm a bit of a bag lady) and I was instantly intrigued, how could a bag that looked so good hold everything... and I mean everything from laptop, iPad, Kobo, make-up, nappies (and other baby things) oh and much much more. 

Inside there are lots of different pockets and 2 drink holders, a pocket that my notepad fits into and also the clear plastic pouch (which is included with the bag) which holds my hand gel, hand cream, eye drops, (lady things), pain killers.  There's also a large pocket at the other side that a clutch bag fits in... YES a clutch bag, a matching clutch bag that also comes with the bag!!  In this I store my purse and other things that I'd normally take out when I am baby free.  This is such a great addition as when I want to nip out at lunch time (when at work), I can just grab the clutch bag and there's no need for taking out the big bag!  Perfect!  The bag and the clutch both have shoulder straps (clutch has a wrist strap too) so they are very handy indeed! I don't think I've mentioned that the bag, inside and out is waterproof... so if you had a drink in the holder and it happened to leak then everything else would be safe!

The bag comes in so many beautiful colours, it was so hard to choose! I do love purple and this colour 'aubergine' is lush!  When I bought the bag there was an amazing offer on... you got a FREE Lottie with each purchase!  How great is that!!  My Lottie is black and it's so soft.  A great bag for throwing crossover your body, it has a big compartment with a mobile phone pocket and groovy elastic to attach your keys too (the Minnie Amelie has this too!!), it also has a smaller compartment at the front too.

So if you're after a new bag, you must check out Mia Tui first, there's bound to be a bag to suit your needs.  The Minnie Amelie is perfect for me, the busy working Mamma.  If you have any questions at all just contact Charlotte on Twitter or Email.. I had lots of questions as I think I couldn't believe everything would fit in and Charlotte offered the most amazing customer service!

And... a little treat if you fancy a bag then put in the code FRIENDS and you'll get 10% off!

So there you have it, my first Smitten Saturday post... don't forget to link up with Glasgow Mummy if you want to join in x


Glasgow Mummy said...

Looks perfect! Fantastic idea to have a mini clutch inside with the things that you take when you're kiddie-free. I always find myself without the kids and yet I still have nappies & wipes in my bag!!

AnneeApple said...

Exactly.. even tonight I to into the car to nip to shop and lifted a nappy thinking it was my phone. Although I really do need to tidy up inside the car! :)