Friday, 1 August 2014


...there's been a few changes around here recently. First, my big girl {my middle child} has flown the nest! She has moved in with her boyfriend. We knew it was on the cards as she seemed only to visit home and stay for just a few days a week but it's official now and she has moved out all her things. At 20, I still see her as my little girl, now she's my little girl who has grown up!

A few weeks after she moved all her things out, we started working on her room. We had planned to convert the garage at the end of the year into an office {might not do that so soon now} but for now we've given the room a lick of paint and put in a desk and some shelves and tada we have an office.

before we moved my huge amounts of stationery in

I have a lot of stationery... a lot! Now that I've carted it upstairs and into the fitted wardrobes {great storage place} I wonder how on earth I fitted it downstairs into my bureau! I'm planning on a blog post to show you the crazy amount of things I have! It's like Paperchase's stock room!

stocked up!

It's a bittersweet moment, it's so good to have a place to work, {I work from home at least one day a week, and add in some hours at night if my work load is crazy and I also run my own business from home} but I do miss my girl. She's happy, so I'm happy that's how it works right? {brave face}

I ignored the insensitive comments on social media suggesting {ok blatantly saying} I had rushed into changing the room, like I was some heartless Mother who threw a leaving party once my girl had gone... I'm not the type of person who can sit about when I know something needs doing. What would have been the point of leaving the room unused?

So, changes... that was a big one!

A x