Monday, 23 June 2014


I've been AWOL. The truth is, I've been here but I've been angry with the world so that's probably not the best time to blog {as I would have probably swore, still might}. I've not been angry about one specific thing just lots of things bottling up and bringing me down. But I'm going to kick it in the ass...

My milk allergy has gotten the better of me again... boo! I had suffered terribly for many years with numerous health problems and had years of tests for breathing / throat / swallowing problems, gastric problems and skin problems... even the medical professionals didn't think to put them all together but eventually someone did {my new Dr when we moved house} and voila, I'm allergic to milk... which can be quite serious {think nut allergy but with milk}.. please do not confuse this with being lactose intolerant it's like saying night is day, plus is gets me mad as they are so different! {rant over}... anyway, after I had the littlest (2011) I accidentally tried a piece of twix.. it was tiny but I really really had to try it and I wasn't ill, I could still breath and the tummy didn't growl to richter scale proportions. {Note that I wasn't on a mission to be ill, I had been advised after the birth to try something with milk as a shock to the body such as having a baby can shift an allergy that had appeared suddenly}.

Since then I gradually introduced milk back into my diet {scoffed truck loads of chocolate!}. The symptoms were not gone completely but I thought it was worth a little discomfort to have a normal diet again and not spend hours in the supermarket reading labels.

Two and a half years have passed since that bite of twix in the Tesco carpark and probably for the last year the symptoms have been growing... I can recognise them now having suffered them for years before but not knowing what they were. So, I'm milk free again and so far {this is week two} I feel heaps better already, still a long way to go before I feel normal again but I know it will happen.

Swedish Glacé ice cream - delicious

So much has changed since my last milk free diet, there are literally tonnes of more products to buy, I spent a fortune in Sainsbury at the weekend and have eaten fudge, cookies, cake and heaps of Oreo.. Oreo weren't milk free before, this excited me! I did have hopes of losing a lot of weight by changing my diet as I lost a good few stone before but now, with all the goodies there's no way the weight will drop off! {although I have lost 5lb, I think it's a fluke}.

Do you have any allergies?


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