Wednesday, 7 May 2014

{#BEDM} gadets!

I love my gadgets!! A lot make my life easier, such as a smart phones {yes, I have two}, iPad, laptop, android tablet, smart TV.. but having a think, my two most favourite gadget type things are...


CCTV we have in littlest's room. We initially bought the camera to install outside our home but we tried it out inside to set it up and we've not put it outside yet. It is secured to the ceiling and can turn 360 degrees, can pan and tilt, has night vision and you take a snap shot or even record footage. It has sound and you can even talk through the camera! It has been fantastic to use, when littlest goes to bed we set up the iPad or tablet {you can also access via webpage, smart tv or any smart phone by downloading an app} and we know that she's still in bed, or when she's asleep or when she's climbing up to get a book... Big Brother is watching!!


The HIVE... have you got the Hive? It's brilliant! It's a Scottish / British Gas product and it connects to your WIFI router and you can control your heating system remotely from anywhere using your smart phone. Hopefully I'll explain this correctly as I tried to before to someone and they didn't get it...

Our heating system is modern as we stay in a new build. We have a thermostat in the living room and have a digital system that we could set temperatures for the house and if the temperature at home dropped below the pre-set then the heating would kick in. It was also programmed for set times of the day for different temperatures and it also controlled the hot water, set times when it would be on to heat the water.. blah blah.. does that make sense?

Well now with the Hive we still have all that but say we were all out working and the temperature in the house was set to 18 degrees but it was frozen outside and snowing and you wanted the house to be really warm for you coming home from work... no problem open the app, flick up the temperature setting and the heating kicks in, drive home and go inside to a warm and cosy house. I guess it's the same as if you're sat at home and your cold or warm so you need to actually get up off your chair and go change the temperature setting of the heating at the heating control unit {ours was in the Utility Room at back of house}... you can be even more lazy now and do it from your phone. 

Another great feature is the thermostat, it's portable! So you can take it off the wall and take with you to whatever room your in so it will then gauge the temperature from that room!  And the controls are on the thermostat too. It really is remarkable. Looking forward to zoning being introduced then I can control the temperature of each room separately. That will be a great tool and bound to save more money on utility bills.

What's your fav gadget?

A x

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