Thursday, 21 November 2013

#BEDN {world television day}

I can't lie, I hate the TV. I hate how it can consume you {someone} and they are lost for hours watching drivvle!

We have a huge TV in the living room and mostly all that shows is some Disney Channel for the littlest, she loves Sofia the First {OK, I do like that too}. We also have a TV in our bedroom, which has been switched on probably less than 10 times in the 3+ years we've stayed here.

I do watch some TV, namely:
Downton {If you don't watch this, then I think you are positively m.a.d}
Great British Bake Off {although it wasn't so good this year}
Sometimes I like to watch a film but I'm so picky!

But, apart from that I could really do without a TV.

I know TV shows shouldn't get you {or me} angry but I really can't stand ALL celebrity shows, reality TV, most American shows and game shows... my top HATES are: Deal or No Deal, I'm a Celebrity and Big Brother! If I see any of them on my TV I get mad and it has to be switched over straight away. No-one is allowed to watch these shows when I'm in the room {that's what the record button is for}!

What's your fav TV Show?7

A x


Kim Carberry said...

I love all the shows you Reality shows and all the shows from the US....Especially Glee & The Walking dead...

AnneeApple said...

Hehe! I did love Lost when that was on... glee though I watched a bit of one episode and couldn't bare it,I thought I'd love it (being a a previous life). I probably don't have time to try new shows...maybe I should give things a try x

Dave said...

Love Bake Off in our house. We've also tended to binge on box sets in our house, The Wire and Breaking Bad being the two stand-out examples recently

AnneeApple said...

The Mr watches (when I'm not in or when I'm in bed) Breaking Bad. I don't like anything remotely violent... unless it's a cake fight obviously :)