Saturday, 4 May 2013

I'm Smitten

Oh I'm always so late with my Smitten Saturday post, I must try and get more organised! But here I am / It is... I'm linking up with Glasgow Mummy, have you seen her Smitten Saturday post yet, such good news in there!

Last week I was Smitten with teapigs Macha Tea, still contemplating buying some more! This week I am Smitten with the Mediterranean veg Pastry Ring Recipe I (or should I say we) LOVE IT! Best of all it's so simple, I'll not repost the whole recipe, you can click here to read it from a previous post. This time I didn't have aubergine or leek but I did add celery and my Philadelphia was just the plain one but I added a little chilli flakes.  It's such an adaptable recipe AND I first saw it on Glasgow Mummy's blog!

Here's some photos of tonight's version. Go on, give it a go... I promise you'll love it!

Remember to link up with Glasgow Mummy if you're joining in with Smitten Saturday, I'd love to read what you're Smitten with.

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