Monday, 27 May 2013

Meal Planned {organised}

It's a Bank Holiday Monday - yay! Last week's meal planning went great up until Friday and I was busy  at work then had to go to my frame suppliers afterwards {had lots of orders in for my personalised prints} so when I got home I was too tired to think about cooking and everyone else was fed so I had toast. Saturday was a glorious day so we went to the park and got chips on the way home {result}.

This week looks like this:

Monday: lasagne and garlic bread

Tuesday: chilli (will make this on Monday as I'm busy bee on Tuesday)

Wednesday: freezer dinner (got lots to use up in there)

Thursday: brinner (just the kids as Hubber and I are out for dinner)

Friday: slow cooker curry and nan bread

Saturday: chicken chow mein

Sunday: stew, mash and yorkshire puddings

As per it's another busy week ahead in preparation for painting the living room next week and I still need to tackle that tower of ironing. I'm feeling a little more organised though as I have a new filofax {oh yeah.. and it's purple / ultra violet} AND... AND my new assistant starts on Tuesday {hurrah!}.

Remember to link up with Mrs M and tell us what's on your menu this week?


Kim Carberry said...

Everything sounds fab!
Great meal plan x

Blog of a Mom said...

Mmmm I love slow cooker curry. Need to do one soon its so easy. Exciting on the assistant I wish I had one haha! L x

Anonymous said...

Ugh ironing... I am currently staring at a huge pile. I am also a bit hungry now, would your lasagne stretch to one more :-)

AnneeApple said...

Oh thank you!

Cookbooksanddoggybags there is loads of lasagne left too! *sends huge portion through the broadband* x

Rachel Neal said...

love slow cooker curry. so good to put in while at work and to come home to a lovely made curry ready to eat.