Monday, 20 May 2013

{meal} Planning

Oh dear, two blog posts on the same day.  To me it's a sin nearly as bad as a DJ playing the same song twice at any gig {Husband used to be a DJ, trust me it's a cardinal sin}. But... in my defence if you have read my previous post you'll see I'm catching up from the weekend as I was a social butterfly then!

I'm rushing with this week's meal planning and using up as much of the groceries I have at home, and I have a fridge full of veg {which is getting roasted tonight}, there might even be some soup made mid week if there's still lots left.

Monday - roasted veg pastry parcels with herb rice
Tuesday - spicy cheeseburgers
Wednesday - chicken kiev and cheesey potato wedges
Thursday - something quick 
Friday - twice baked potatoes, filling tbc
Saturday - lasagne
Sunday - will decide at the weekend

What are you dining on this week?  Remember to link up with Mrs M x


Kim Carberry said...

Everything sounds delicious!
Have a fab week x

kitchen princess said...

Love lasagne and have seen quite a few plans with it in, I am going to have to put it in mine next week.

Dee Stew said...

Sounds yummy!

AnneeApple said...

Thanks all, tonight's dinner was so tasty! Some photos on instagram @anneeapple if you're interested!

Really looking forward to lasagne night :)