Sunday, 26 May 2013

the {cloudy} holiday

Oops, I may be just a little late in chatting about our holiday...

We had been really {and I mean really} looking forward to our Spring holiday. Work / Life is pretty busy right now and we struggle to get time together. We booked a 5 day break to Lanzarote {as Lanzarote is hot all year round, right?}, we left on 28th April - flying from Edinburgh.

Our flight times were great {ahem.. more on that later} and so far the littlest has always been a great flyer and takes it all in her stride, long may that continue! When we arrived at Arrefice airport it was quite dull...Oh uh! It's not a huge island so the weather is usually the same all over. Sadly it stayed cloudy for the 5 days! We had around 20mins of sunshine the whole holiday as the pools are heated from the sun it was far too cold to swim {bummer!}

smiles in the only bit of sunshine we saw

The hotel {Los Zocos} was OK, the public areas and restaurants were very clean and tidy. Our room was a little basic though with no aircon {maybe I should be glad it wasn't scorching} but it was fine, I just like a little bit more comfort when on holiday. The entertainment for the littlest in the evening was really dire but it was out of season so I guess that's to be expected... she still had a great time though so that's all that matters.

It was quite an exhausting holiday, no lazing by the pool, no sunbathing and no swimming. We spent every day walking into town, finding play parks and strolling around the shops. We were looking forward to coming home by the time we reached the last day... then WHAM an 8 hour flight delay {I could have cried}, not only the huge delay but we were being flow into Glasgow which meant a coach transfer to Edinburgh. We had expected to be home for littlest bedtime routine {about 6pm} but instead we got home around 4am! I had been awake nearly 24 hours by the time we got home and I had 3 hours sleep before littlest woke up for the day... I'm perfectly justified to say 'I need another holiday'

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