Friday, 31 May 2013

Full on {Friday}

Can you believe it was Monday that I lost posted! Well it was Sunday actually as I scheduled my Meal Planning post, that was when I was was organised {last / this week}. 

It's been a busy full on week which has been filled with an abundance of happy mail, the new bureau also happened and I've spent many many an hour sat at it this week. My new assistant started and she is just amazing, lots of yummy food has been consumed too AND the Mount Killa-mon-ironing was conquered!

Here's some snippets of the fun filled week!

Monday was new bureau day

Some of the happy mail I received this week...

Some of the happy mail I sent out...

I designed and made some new dividers for my lovely new filofax

And I found Pantone notebooks (and other goodies) in TK Maxx at a bargain price, that was the find of the week as I was nearly buying a Pantone notebook online last week at £10! How cute are the Liberty Hello Kitty notecards?

I nearly forgot... I also won £25 Love to Shop vouchers on a Twitter Competition, you had to come up with a #foodstadia pun {combine food and sports stadiums}, you'll all know I'm not a sports person but I do love a good pun and my winning entry was 'Surf N Turf Moor Stadium'. So, I now I have £25 of vouchers to spend on my shopping trip tomorrow when littlest and I are meeting up with Aunty Knit Knit {my very talented little Sister}

What's your weekend plans?

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