Saturday, 1 June 2013

Orange Wellies {Smitten}

It may be Summer but I'm smitten with wellies... and not just any wellies but ORANGE wellies!

There is a story behind the orange wellies... When I was little I always wanted wellies but I wasn't allowed. My Mum insisted on Clarks leather boots. Obviously now I know how important good footwear is and I'm grateful that I had Clarks leather boots, but when you're little you want wellies... and I wanted orange ones.

It's a little joke in our family and every now and again I'll joke how my life is incomplete and I was deprived as I'd never had the orange wellies I wanted so much. Today I met my lovely wee Sister for a shopping trip to Livingston and SHE BOUGHT ME ORANGE WELLIES!!! Thanks Sis!

What are you smitten with this week? Come on over and link up with Glasgow Mummy, you know you want to!

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