Monday, 10 June 2013

MPM {so soon!}

I probably say it every week {or at least I do in my own head} but how can it be Monday already?

I had a moment on Saturday... I was tired {are you sick of hearing me say that? I'm sick of saying it} and hungry and the thought of cooking or eating was a chore in itself. But off to Tesco I went and I filled the trolley with lots of prepared vegetables, some ready meal curry, two dine for £10 deal {which looks lush} and some other prepared things. I had to check myself a few times that night to see if I had come out in a rash.

Now, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with buying these types of meals but I always do homemade and it just feels so strange just popping things in the oven. I've only had one prepared meal so I'll pass judgement on the rest until next week.

This week looks like:

Monday: we ate out at Wagamamas

Tuesday: Tesco - two dine for £10 meal - horseradish mash, chicken and choritzo main, chocolate and caramel melt in the middle dessert

Wednesday: roasted veg with goats cheese quiche

Thursday: breaded chicken and sweet potato {roasted or mash}

Friday: panninis with various fillings {I fancy brie, cranberry and ham}

Saturday: pasta dish

Sunday: tbc

What's on your menu... inspire me!  You can link up with Mrs M too, just click the button / photo above.


Seren said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with a bit of convenience food either - you're right, cooking and planning etc can become a real chore sometimes and a bit of a break can be precisely what's needed.

Enjoy your week!


AnneeApple said...

Thanks Seren, I'm hoping I enjoy it x