Monday, 17 June 2013

Mmm {and a Tesco rant}

I'm sat here staring at my meal planning list that I scribbled earlier... I wrote it on orange paper with a red pen, I can't see a thing! So, I'll improvise, which should be fine as I've not long unpacked my shopping from my late night Tesco trip.

I wasn't happy at all with Tesco tonight {yes, I've scheduled this post}. I usually go to Carluke or Lanark Tesco but opted for Wishaw tonight {never again}.  I had a huge trolley filled with groceries {over £80 worth} and when I got to the check out there was no-one serving! I asked the girl at the self serve why and was told no-one was available and I had to self scan {WTF}. It was a nightmare, let's not mention my bad hand or the fact I've not to do heavy lifting due to stomach problem. I even had to shout, abruptly, to get the staff member's attention as she stood chatting to her friend at the other side. Not long after I had started scanning two check-outs opened up, I really wasn't pleased. By this time another girl had taken over manning the self serve and I asked her why there was no staff and she didn't know. I told her I wasn't happy and I wouldn't be back and she said.... nothing! I had lots of coupons to use and the self serve is a total ar5e for scanning coupons! Each one had to be authorised and I'm sure some didn't even scan!

So, Tesco... I'd be keen to hear your comment?!

Monday: BBQ chicken pasta bake with garlic bread slices

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas {we got a new grill / pannini toaster, so I'll be toasting my fajita wraps}

Wednesday: Goat's cheese quiche with filled pasta and sundried tomato sauce {we didn't have this last week we had a sundried tomato one then}

Thursday: Feta, olive and carmalised onion pastry tart

Friday: We're off to Shetland and back on Sunday evening!

Why don't you join in this week? Do you plan your meals or just decide on that day (I'd love to do that!).  Click the link above to join in with MrsM

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Seren said...

Pants service - definitely worth a snotty email to Tesco.

Fab looking meal plan though, particularly that lovely sounding tart!