Monday, 24 June 2013

{sneaks in}

hello... here I am!

I seem to have been missing in action since last Monday! I guess it was a busy week at work, squeezing in buying a new car {I hate car shopping but this time it was quite painless and I love the car!}

I couldn't even fit in my craft club {which is only one hour a month and I do get angry that I can't even manage a little hour a month to do something I want to hour, pft!! It's tough but that could be a whole other blog post!}

On Friday we headed to Shetland. It was some trip! A 3 hour drive to Aberdeen {in the new car!} then a 12 hour ferry trip to Shetland...

It started to look dull just as we set sail
AEM Photography

AEM Photography

The journey there was great, calm sea and the cabin wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be and we arrived in Shetland around 7.30am... I really wanted to visit Jarlshorf which was just a 20 min drive from Lerwick, so off we went... and the rain fell!  Jarlshorf is mostly outside and we decided not to visit as we'd all get drenched {sad face} so we headed to Sumburgh Head.  It was wild, there was no way littlest could even get out the car, she'd have been blown off the cliff. So I trooped up alone to take some photos of the sea birds and puffins. I didn't realise just how wet it was as the wind was cutting through me, I struggled to stay upright! But I was drenched... I regret getting so wet now as I didn't have another jacket to change into and spent the rest of the day with a t-shirt and cardigan on and my jeans soaked... my hair was dripping wet and had to be left to dry. I was so cold!

Puffins at Sumburgh Head, Shetland.
AEM Photography

The weather didn't pick up at all, it rained constantly. We drove to a few other areas on Shetland:  Toft, Lerwick and Scalloway but there wasn't much to do in the rain. We did visit Shetland Museum {and had chips, which I couldn't eat... should have known then I was unwell haha!}

dressing up box in Shetland Museum

the favourite hat

If the weather had been better our trip would have been amazing as the scenery, views and wildlife was gorgeous but we just couldn't appreciate it all in the rain, which is sad. 

The journey home was awful! I was feeling quite bad by the time we had to board the ferry, I just couldn't heat up. As soon as we got to the cabin I lay down covered in the duvets, a hour later I was sweating to the point I was ready to pass out. Was it a side effect of being soaked or had I caught a bug? Who knows... I spent the whole night feeling really awful and the crossing was terrible, so choppy! I woke up ill, which I think was due to some travel sickness thrown in for good measure. I didn't eat for over 24 hours and was sick on the way home. We had to cut our weekend short as we had planned to visit a Historic Scotland site on way home and had a nice lunch planned but we had to cancel all as I couldn't lift my own head up. A day of dozing on the sofa and sipping water seems to have cured me but I am left with not much appetite and a sore throat!

AEM Photography

I guess it was still an experience to visit Shetland and I do hope to return one day {now if only we could guarantee good weather}. I'm reading Raven Black just now for RRBookGroup {come on over and join in if you love reading} and funnily enough it's based in Shetland, so it was like a little mini research trip. But, if I was to sum up Shetland with one word, that word would be 'dreich'

Ps:  I'm hoping to be super organised and link up with Meal Planning Monday and Smitten Saturday before the end of the week... I can do it, right?!

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