Saturday, 15 June 2013

{smitten saturday}

Sometimes you just have to look around you to find treasures...

We moved here {the little village of Morningside} 3 and a half years ago, since then the estate has grown so much!{the estate that was built in the middle of lovely coutryside, eventhough I stay in it I would have been devastated if I'd lived in the village and then two new estates came along... but at the time I was far too excited about a new home to realise!}

I've been pretty stressed lately, hospital appointment, pending op for stomach repair, new proposals at work that will change my job role and hours {this is good and exciting but stressful to organise with childcare}... I really miss just getting up and going out walking for hours, we {littlest and I} do go out walking quite a lot but it's usually to the post box and that takes around 45 mins {walking at toddler pace - 5 mins for adult pace}... sometimes you just need to clear your head and take in some fresh air! 

It had just down-poured but the sky looked brighter so I got on my walking shoes {how I miss wearing these} and littlest happily sat in her pram {bribed with a bag of skips} and off we went on our adventure...

there are loads of horses in the village

long roads, some of them winding

I'm sure the horses don't like skips anyway

miles of buttercups

cycling down this road is the best EVER!
{yeah, I miss cycling too}

nearly home.. skips done

Our walk was around 3 miles and we took around 2 hours, we walked slowly and took in all the sights, sounds and smells. We saw: horses, shetland ponies, geese, ducks, sheep, cows, chickens, cockerels and a vole {yay! #TeamVole #PostCircle}. It's a great walk which I used to do daily either on foot of pedal power!

So there you have it, I'm smitten with Morningside! What are you smitten with? Link up with Glasgow Mummy and tell us...

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Glasgow Mummy said...

It looks idyllic. Thanks for linking up again :-) x