Monday, 3 June 2013

{sunny} Monday

I'm hoping it's sunny {as I'm scheduling this post as I am out picnicking in the park - if it's sunny}...

What a glorious weekend! A busy day on Saturday shopping with the littlest and my wee Sister... hours of walking, my legs still haven't recovered from. A busy day on Sunday, every last bit of laundry washed and dried {although basket is half full from bedtime routines}, lots of playing in the garden, lunch at the garden table, ballet4babies class, more playing in the garden before bed... a long lie tomorrow would be just perfect, but sadly no - I've got a few more weeks to wait until it's my long lie day!

Food... yes food... last week's meal planning went great until I forgot to defrost the meat for Sunday's slow cooker stew. So that meant a take-away of a healthy chicken kebab {there's salad in it you know!}. This week's meals look like this:

Monday - spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread

Tuesday - lasanage {leftovers from last week's that I froze} and fries / salad

Wednesday - pizza and salad

Thursday - subway style rolls with various fillings

Friday - stew and york puddings

Saturday - sausage, mash and beans

Sunday - slow cooker curry and nan bread

What's on your menu this week? Don't forget to link up with Mrs M...


Kim Carberry said...

Great meal plan!! Everything sounds delicious!!
Have a fab week x

AnneeApple said...

Thank you, you too! x