Monday, 3 June 2013

RR book group

I've had lots of chat lately about what I'm reading and about the book club I go to... The book club is called Ruth's Readers and is hosted by Newmains Library. We meet every four weeks on a Thursday evening from 6-7pm. We're not a serious reading group at all, we read lots of different genres and most of the time I'm lucky to finish the chosen book as I'm so busy. But that's OK, we read what we can {although just about everyone else finishes their book}, thankfully no-one seems to mind that I'm the slacker... it's a lovely bunch of people and I always look forward to meeting up with everyone.

A few of my online friends had recently mentioned they'd love to be part of a book group too... cue light bulb moment... and RR Book Group has been born!

Everyone is welcome to come on over and Like / Join in. On 6th June {the night of my book club meet} I'll announce what our new book is and if you join in great! 4 weeks later we can all find our way to the Facebook Page and have an informal chat about what we thought about it. In between times we can use the page to chat about where we are in the book, ask questions.. anything.

Hope to see you there!

Ps... the book we're reading just now is Jo Brand 'Look Back in Hunger' {I've only read 28 pages so far, no chance I'll finish it... I don't like autobiographies}

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