Sunday, 9 June 2013

it's what she says

It's nearly Monday already and I've been awake since 5.45am, who knows I may even be woken at 5.45am again tomorrow {I hope not}. I think I can say I've probably not enjoyed today, I did have moments of fun but mostly I've been too tired to function.

{hate me now}... is it the sunshine? I don't do well in the heat. I can't remember when the last dull day was. I remember most of last week it being so hot in the office, even reaching 32 degrees at one point {wish I had aircon}. I've been so hot that I've been uncomfortable and my feet, my poor feet, are aching... my tummy is sore {operation soon} and I want to sleep for somewhere around 3 weeks solid.

I have lots to do and no time to do it. But, I've just read this blog post over on The Startup Wife and it makes sense, it all makes sense. I think I'm going to read that post every day.

Here's to a good week and fingers crossed one that's not so stressful and so busy! {I can only wish}


The Pampered Sparrow said...

I can relate to this and I'm going to pop over and read Emily's post too.
I'm increasingly up too early and going to bed too late and finally it all catches up with you doesn't it! But, there always seems to be an impossible amount to do :(

P.S I hope all goes well with your operation lovely. At least you can sleep under anaesthetic!!!! ;) xx

AnneeApple said...

Oh thank you :) and yes I'll get a deep sleep for a few hours when I'm under... I always wake up taking 100mph and its the biggest load of rubbish ever that I'm taking about... so embarrassing!

Here's to chilling out! Xx