Thursday, 23 May 2013


You may (or may not) know that one of my favourite hobbies is writing letters {and I do love receiving them too}, at my last count I have around 13 snailmail friends but probably write more often to 9 or 10...

I love to follow the stories on More Love Letters, it really is wonderful how a handwritten letter can cheer your day, knowing that someone has taken the time to think about what they want to write and to write and post it to you. It's a simple treasure that everyone can do.

Recently on More Love Letters a request was posted... here it is:

Via Founder Hannah, anyone looking to send love + encouragement during this difficult time in Oklahoma should please feel free to participate in this mission: 

Madison Hake, the president of the OU Campus Cursive chapter for The World Needs More Love Letters wrote last night: "As many of you know, a devastating tornado ripped through our community on May 20, 2013. Our community is stricken with grief, as a majority of the death count came from a local elementary school being leveled. If you would like to send letters, you can mail them to the address below and I will be sure they are passed out to community members. Anything and everything helps. Thank you all so much."

Letters can be mailed to:

Campus Cursive
Oklahoma University
616 West 6th Avenue
Bristow, OK, 74010

Please consider sharing a little love in a time of such devastation down in Oklahoma.

Can you spare a few minutes to write a letter of hope and encouragement to bring a little sunshine into someone's life in this time of such devastation?  I hope you can...


Suki Fourcade said...

I will do it!

Suki Fourcade said...

I will do it!

Barb Marshall said...

Love this initiative! And love that you are passionate about letter writing. Me too! You may enjoy were is much fun and discussion about the lost art of letter writing. Just followed you on twitter. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Barb Marshall said...
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AnneeApple said...

Thanks Suki and thanks Barb.. followed you right back :) I'm checking out your website now x