Monday, 20 May 2013

smitten {at last}

I'm late in joining the smitten party... but it's allowed as it's been a busy weekend with lots of social activity (which is rare!)...

The littlest had her first sleepover at Gran and Grandad's as Hubber and we went into Glasgow to celebrate our beautiful friend's 40th Birthday. We started off with a meal at Brown's {at George Square} then we headed to Alea Casino for party time! We had a great night!

I was organised and prepared... Usually on nights out I wear heels {I really don't do well in heels} and by the end of the night my feet ache and it really puts a damper on the evening. But this time as we walked from Glasgow Queen Street to our hotel {yeah, we stayed over!} I made a quick stop and bought these gorgeous little babies! Perfect for slipping into my clutch bag so I can change into when the heels make my feet ache!


I love them, like really love them. They are the comfiest pair of shoes I own. Each Summer I 'think' about buying these but then I don't {as I have so many shoes}. They remind me of my ballet days {yes I was once a ballet dancer}. I know for sure that these shoes are going to be a staple part of my wardrobe going forward.

The Birthday Girl and I

My Husband and I {he looks half asleep!}

On Sunday we had a family day out to celebrate my biggest's birthday {which was Thursday.. he was 22}.. I just love my kiddos and love seeing them together! {check out my Smitten post about my kiddos here}


What are you smitten with this week? Remember to link up with Glasgow Mummy x


Glasgow Mummy said...

Love your wee pumps. They're very cute and practical at the same time! Result :-) I think I might need to invest in some... I've got two weddings to go to this weekend!!!

AnneeApple said...

Thank you. A bargain at £7.99 from New Look x