Friday, 24 May 2013

Hurrah {for Friday}

It really has been an exhausting week. It's one of those weeks were Husband and I don't see each other at all {due to our shift patterns}...

The week looked like this:

Monday - drop big girl off at work before I go to the office (a 30min detour from my usual drive to work). Work until 4pm, pick big girl up and rush home for 5pm as Husband leaves for work then (he's with littlest at home when I'm at work and vice versa). Once littlest is tucked up and we've eaten dinner I then work {I run my own Graphic Design business from home AEM Photography and Design}. Bed time around 1am.

Tuesday - up at 6am, drop big girl off at work, drop littlest off at Gran's then head into office for 9.15am. Work till 4.30pm then pick up littlest from Gran's. Pick up parcels that I had delivered to the depot, deliver some prints, head home for dinner. Working again till around 1am.

Wednesday - up at 6.30am, made homemade soup, wedges and lunch before heading off to work for 11am.  Rush home for 5pm as Husband is leaving for night shift again {with a pitt stop to drop off clothes to big girl}. No work tonight as my lovely friend popped round and we shared a bottle of wine {that's the first night in months that I've sat down for a whole evening, it was bliss}

Thursday - up at 6am, surgical appointment at 10am {I have a stomach repair op within 6 weeks.. great huh?}, work at the office then home for 5pm again {Husband working again} but with a stop off for some groceries... can you believe we're out of bread! I asked my Aunt to pop along and sit with littlest for an hour as it was the first night of a very new craft club {thank you Auntie}, before I headed out to craft club I quickly made littlest dinner and brushed my hair {hair really needs washed!}, home for 7pm. I caught up with all my post circle replies tonight.  Bed at 1.30am

Friday - thankfully! I've been up since 6.30am, have to get ready for work soon {with a pitt stop to drop off a gig ticket to big girl, which she forgot to take with her}. After a busy day at work I have to drive to my frame suppliers {at the other side of Glasgow} then home to make dinner then spend the night framing orders.

It's a 3-day weekend and I'd love to spend the weekend with nothing planned and just going with the flow but so far we have a garage to tidy {new flooring delivered next week so need to store it}, MIL birthday at weekend so need to visit, my Parent's have asked for some little things to be done so will visit them too, squeeze in a baby ballet class, then it's Monday before we know it and Husband is working.

I won some tickets for the Ideal Home Show too but right now I'm struggling to fit in time to wash my hair so I might not even be able to go... boo!

The next few weeks are little bit crazy too {aint every week?}... it's crazy that I might be looking forward to my operation so that I can rest up under Doctor's orders.  Oh yeah, I'm still working on my stationery designs for my etsy shop launch... it will be soon {sorry for the delay}

hello... sorry, you nodded off there.  I know this is a boring ole post but I feel better for getting it all down and the pity party can come to an end.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be jealous of all your chilling out! x

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