Sunday, 24 November 2013

#BEDN {motivations}

I need motivation! If anyone has any spare then please pass it along...

I really need to lose weight. It's not crept on overnight, I see it there... although I try not to look in a full length mirror!  Ideally I need to lose 5 stone, yes 5! Sometime back I signed up for Weight Watchers online {as I can't commit to a weekly class due to our work rotas} and I lost nearly 1 and a half stone within the 3 months! It was simple to follow, although the constant adding in what you ate took some getting used to. But once I got into the diet it was simple to follow and seeing the results made you motivated! 

Once my 3 months was up I didn't renew as we were about to go on an all inclusive holiday, then it was Christmas time {excuses, excuses} then not too long after that I had some stomach problems... I could have still dieted but I couldn't exercise and I do like the two to go hand in hand.  I've since had surgery for the problems and all is well, health wise now. But the surgery has left me with a not too pretty tummy that seriously needs fixed! {why couldn't they have taken away the skin when they removed / repaired my stomach wall?}... anyway, I have now put on the weight that I originally lost with Weight Watchers! So I'm back at the beginning.

I shake my head when I think back to how I was always so so slim and now I'm a size 18/20. So tomorrow I need motivations to kick start my weight loss... please send your tips this way and if I post photos of bad treats on my Twitter or Facebook then feel free to shout at me!

A x

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