Monday, 4 November 2013

#BEDN {food glorious food}

I love food! It's like this subject was made just for me! I'm always contemplating a diet whilst thinking about menus for the following week... yes I do always think about food.

I love baking and I love cooking. Each week I plan our meals around what we have left in the fridge freezer, write out our meal plan for a week or two, grocery shop online {usually at Sainsburys}, we have a fruit and veg box delivered once a fortnight and we shop for our meat at Costco. We're very well organised when it comes to shopping and meals. We have to be as we both work full time. My slow cooker is my best friend!

I often post photos / recipes over here, which is a page I started to share weight watchers recipes {when I once lost over 20lbs... then went on an all inclusive holiday and the rest is history}.

Tonight's menu... the Mr and I are dining out {I have a service assessing job on at a lovely restaurant} the kiddos are having sausage, beans and mash - a comfort food old favourite!

What's on your plate?

A x

Ps... watch out for my Meal Planning Monday post popping up soon!


Anonymous said...

I've only just briefly scanned your FB page, but got to say your mac and cheese with garlic bread looks DIVINE! Will definitely have to recreate that for us.... :)

Congrats on your weight loss journey btw, and hope you have a wonderful meal out tonight!

Sarah xx

AnneeApple said...

Thanks Sarah :) I need to get back on that weightloss journey, I've slipped off and mac 'n' cheese isn't helping (although delicious). Enjoy x

Kezzie said...

Hi Annee!!! Nice to meet you!! I dropped over via the BEDN linkie! Meal planning is a super idea! I WISH my husband would let me meal-plan, he just likes buying a selection of vegetables and items and letting inspiration take him. He makes lovely food but refuses to be pinned down! I try to do it a bit when I manage to cook but not much so I am v impressed by your plan! x

AnneeApple said...

Hey Kezzie, Nice to emeet you too! Oh I love that your Husband does that too... we get a fruit and veg box delivered and I love the element of surprise and often base meals around that too :)