Friday, 22 November 2013

#BEDN {leaving on a jet plane}

I've just returned from Tenerife, Los Gigantes {on Tuesday evening}, it was a lovely holiday. We stayed at the Laubay Los Gigantes Hotel and it really did live up to it's 4 star status. The whole resort was spotless, I'd struggle to find fault to be honest.

We had emailed the hotel manager in advance and mentioned our room and room location preferences {we always do this, if you don't ask you don't get}, when holidaying with a toddler you do have some requests. We had read a lot of the rooms were over two levels and the littlest isn't that great with coming down stairs so one request was to have a one level room. The others: a quiet area, not too far from the restaurant areas and a sea view. We got it all, the photo above is taken from the room balcony {to the right side} we had a perfect sea view. It was a two room apartment with a shower and a bath. The living area {which my big girl claimed} had a sofa bed. The littlest slept with the Mr and I as our bed was huge and if she sleeps in a travel cot / bed she always ends up in with us {on holiday} anyway. There was a mini-bar in the room which was replenished every day {included in the all inclusive package}, this was great and I'll be looking for this option on all future holidays.

Talking of all inclusive... the food was great! We've been on a good few all inclusive holidays now and this time I've never seen such choice of food and it was ALL delicious. There was a dish to suit everyone. I even saw special sections catering for gluten free, diabetic dishes and soya dishes! As usual I ate far too much, although in my defence I ate loads of fish and vegetables. My usual meals consisted of toast and boiled egg with a slice of cheese for breakfast, with fruit. Lunch was baked potato with loads of salad side dishes and fish if that was on offer. Dinner was fish again or chicken and tonnes of different veggies.... yes and cakes... lots of desserts! Too scrummy to resist {although I did resist some days}. I was surprised that I only put on 2lbs!

What I loved about the dining areas were... table cloths, proper napkins, drinks served to you by the many many waiting staff. If you asked for water it came in small bottles, if you asked for wine you got a new bottle... you could also help yourself from the drinks station but the waiting staff were happy to serve you.

The pool areas also had snacking areas, I didn't eat from these but the food looked great and was all covered over and they had BBQs going on too! As normal ice-cream was served all day long, usually you'd help yourself to big tubs but no... here they served you individual sealed tubs! How fab! Everything felt so clean and hygienic!

We spent a lot of time at the {quiet} pool, it had a tiny little pool that was perfect for the littlest and she could happily sit in there, walk about, pretend to swim and play for ages. Right next to that was the big pool {I say big but in comparison to the main pool it was about a third of the size, yet it was still huge!}. It wasn't that busy at all and at some points during the day I was the only one in there! I do love swimming, I'm not great at it but I love it.

The entertainment at night was just what you'd expect. It was out of season so we didn't expect too much. There was a mini disco that started at 8.30pm, which I thought was a little late for a 'mini' disco as a lot of the kids were really young. This lasted around 30mins then there was a lot of nothing going on, kids dancing about {unattended} on the stage and generally running about then there was a nightly show. We missed the first night's magic show as we were really tired having been up since 5am. But we saw the Parrot Show, Snake Show {which I was dragged up on stage for!}, an Chinese Acrobatic Show, a {another} Magic Show, the Laubay Show, a Michael Jackson Tribute Show and a Queen Tribute Show... all not too bad. They finished around 10.15 each night and by that time the littlest had fallen asleep in our arms.

We didn't venture too far into Tenerife as we were there to relax. But on the days it was a bit cloudy we ventured into the shops. It's quite a steep walk! There wasn't that much going in the town, a few shops all selling the usual holiday things... fake designer bags, jewellery, clothes etc... My big girl bought a few nice things and I bought a lava stone bracelet.

We're back home now and back to reality and to healthy eating! One thing I noticed {more} on holiday is how uncomfortable I am with my weight and it's time to do something about it.

What's your favourite holiday location?

A x


Zpe said...

Oh it looks so lovely - it was great that the hotel listened to your requests.

AnneeApple said...

I agree, it makes a huge difference and when we arrived a staff member was waiting to take us to our room on a cool golf buggy!