Thursday, 7 November 2013

#BEDN {10 things}

I love lists!!! 10 things... Hmm 10 things! I know... a Birthday wish list of 10 things! {hope the Mr reads this, I'm sure he'll be looking for ideas soon enough}...

My 10 Things! {9 pictured}

I love the Radley red letter day purse and it's on SALE right now!

Yummy Hotel Chocolat goodies! I love this brand, it's so expensive so I don't get it often

Orla Kiely weekend bag - I love this brand, this is a total splurge and I'm just dreaming on this one

I have loads of watches but only one in working order. Most are years old though. I do love the Michael Kors rose gold ones but I feel they are now becoming a bit common as I've saw so many wearing them... that puts me off a product

I've lusted after this Swarovski ring for years {size small}! Every year I try it on and vow I'll buy it with birthday money but I never do and gift money gets absorbed into the purse usually

PJs - I LOVE comfy PJS.. I've yet to find the perfect pair so if you've found them please let me know. I hate silky / satin ones, don't like fleecy ones and I'm not keen on button shirt like PJ tops. The ones pictures are Cath Kidston, another brand I love! But I'm too big or their sizes are too small for me... boo!

Starbucks - have you tried the red cups? The new Orange Mocha is amazing! I'm planning on having one today with my lunch AND I've heard they are going on Buy one Get one FREE from tomorrow (8th Nov - 11th Nov between 2-5pm.. yippee!). I do love a good coffee and Starbucks is my favourite but it is so expensive so I don't often treat myself to one. A gift card is a great idea for someone who likes little treats.

I've been looking for a new perfume for some time now. I don't have an absolute favourite. I had a sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I really liked it! What's your favourite perfume? I don't like vanilla smells...

Spa day - who doesn't love a spa day, well I don't know as I've never had one! Maybe one day!

The last thing on my list is a new rain coat, there's no photo as I can't find one to fit my fussiness - here's what I'm looking for in case you've seen it... Shower / rain proof, not padded, not flimsy or thin, has a hood {no furry bits}, zip up the front, 3/4 length, not patterned (unless it was subtle), not fussy on colour.

There you have it... my 10 things!


Laurenne @ This Mummy said...

You know I think we have exactly the same taste - in food and everything :)

Love everything on this list, a spa day and some Hotel Chocolat choccies would be perfect!

Primark is ace for pyjamas, I buy a pair almost every time I go in I'm a bit pyjama obsessed, I am the same with snuggly socks and dressing gowns so it must just be that I like to lounge hehe.

I too am having trouble finding a winter coat to meet my fussiness! I just want a a really simple plain black parka style coat and I don't seem to be able to find one that isn't blingy or that looks right on me anywhere!

L x

AnneeApple said...

Hope you find a coat soon,I looked again today and nothing! X