Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#BEDN {It's only fashion, baby}

Fashion... oh my, it's a subject I'm probably not qualified to chat about. A long time ago I was very fashion concious but now I don't have the time to keep up with the trends, although I wish I did.

As you'll know I've just returned from a holiday in Tenerife and my packing consisted of throwing last years holiday clothes in the case and not really think about a plan of what I'd wear each night! Oh Boy do I regret that! I felt like a total tramp on holiday. I've vowed that I'll never ever ever do that again! So I'll now be scouring the sales for holiday clothes, first on the list is a decent swimsuit {and I do love polka dots}, then beach / pool shoes. I do love the ones pictured {click the image to go to Polyvore for details on the items}... my beach / pool flip flops this year were an old pair of navy blue NIKE ones that once belonged to my Son {when he was in his early teens and was in the Glasgow Swimming Club}... how embarrassing!

So I've learnt my fashion disaster lesson by looking like a frumpy tramp all week! My red face was not sunburn!

A x

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