Monday, 18 November 2013

#BEDN {Anti Bullying Week}

Bullying comes in all shapes and forms, most people wouldn't even know their actions / words could be classed as being branded as a bully... it's a minefield!

When I was at primary school I was bullied, not in your typical pushed about the playground way but mentally. Some girls would decide that the whole class was not to talk to me and it was whispered all around and I'd be ignored by all for days. I never fitted in with anyone, I probably still don't. I was never what was classed as normal... I took ballet lessons, loved classical music {and pop music too}... I can't put my finger on it but I never felt part of a group and I always floated between friends, I to this day still don't have a best friend {apart from The Mr}.

Even in Senior School, the usual culprits picked on me, I remember walking to the bus stop and one girl {who I thought was a friend} just pounced on me to fight. She felt like it.. to feed her 'crowd' no doubt. Kids can be cruel and I think bullies are lacking in something and they are angry about it. It's not as simple as jealousy or anything like that as all us girl had the same things.

I stood up for myself, I never showed the bullies how it affected me. Probably back then it didn't bother me it's only now on reflection that I think how evil some people where. But it's in the past now.

If I could offer advise to anyone, simply be kind.. treat others how you'd expect to be treated. Life's too short.

A x

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