Sunday, 3 November 2013

#BEDN {light}

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival, known as the 'festival of lights'... I had never heard of it before but after a little reading it sounds wonderful! A few words that I would use to describe the celebration are: joy, kindness, peace, sharing, family, inner light... there's also the sharing of sweets, a good ole spring (autumnal) clean and fireworks.

Often in this world we live in (in my experience), we're often too busy with the bustle of life and work that we forget to embrace our own inner light... faith and trust in guidance from above.

I miss my faith and I often feel melancholy for letting go... it was an inner and uphill battle to be the only one in my entire family that believes and practised. In my parish I was an outsider and I never felt part as I was new, that made me feel disheartened.

I've lost my inner light, hopefully I'll find it some day... who knows where?

A x

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