Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#BEDN {home sweet home}

...there's no place like home, there's no place like home {I really do need those red glittery shoes!}. No matter where I am in the world, or whatever fancy hotel I go to there really is no place like home. It's the place I feel most comfortable {and sometimes most stressed when it's very untidy}.

We've stayed here nearly 4 years and for a long time {as it was a new build} we lived with magnolia walls. We've lately been adding lots of colour to brighten the place and you'll see in my kitchen that I mean LOTS of colour... here's some of my favourite places and things at home.

breakfast time with the littlest this morning 
{scrambled egg and toast btw}... 
in the background you'll see my 'feed me now please' print. 
I created this image when I was at City of Glasgow College 
studying Graphic Design & Visual Communication and it was 
part of my Typography Unit. I ate the toast and
 pasta shapes for my lunch after I photographed it.

I love my colourful prints and the best thing... 
I can change them whenever I desire!

pops of colour, I have a bright orange kettle and toaster 
{really wanted a pink one but couldn't find one I liked}, 
some new festive dried fruit and cinnamon sticks 
{that I bought at the Christmas Craft Fare at the weekend}
 in a sex pistols cup and saucer {that's my big girls}

more colour! we had to wait months and months for these 
coloured chairs to come into stock at John Lewis 
{there's a green one too out of the picture}, 
they really brighten the room.

my living room... we recently got a new 4 seater 
sofa and statement chair {that's mine!}, 
we also replaced the carpets with some lovely grey oak wood flooring,
 it's so much easier to keep clean {we had cream carpets before!} 
now we have a huge polka dot rug

my office area and were all my #Postcircle takes place!

I love hearts, this one is on the cloakroom door.

now I have a thing for clocks, there might just be one in each room. 
This one I designed and had the design printed on to foamex 
and then I attached the clock fittings but it's not just any 
regular clock, oh no siree.. it's a backwards clock! 
Yep, you read correctly it goes backwards... 
and the reason why is revealed in the next photo

the clock is at the top hallway and when you look in the mirror, 
to check yourself out before you go out, then you see the correct 
time in the mirror. It was one of my genius moments that 
the Mr at first just shook his head at and thought 
I had gone slightly mad... 
obviously until it all came together perfectly!

SUPERHEROES! I love them! I think my favourite is 
actually Batman but I've not found the perfect Batman 
graphic just yet. Spiderman however sits in the top
 hallway just outside my bedroom door.

Superman, now he's above my bed.

you'll have noticed by now that I do love my wall art and 
apart from the Superheroes it's all designed by me. 
This wallart is in the family bathroom and is 
inspired by The Beatles past masters cover.

this wall art is in the ensuite, it says 
'don't forget to smile but brush your teeth first'

this wall art is in the downstairs loo, it's huge... 
the size of the whole wall... it's a bit quirky, 
still not 100% sure I like it so it may come down 
next year and be replaced with something else.

the last place I'll share is the littlest room. 
I made this cloud mobile when she was just McBump in my tummy. 
We call it 'the twinkles', I love how it hangs from the 
sun ceiling lamp and the clouds gently move and spin and smile.. 
there's rainbow twinkle, heart twinkle and star twinkle 
{glow in the dark stars hang from this one}. 
You'll spot another clock in the background... 
this was an clock I used to have in the kitchen and I put 
Ikea finger puppets on the spikes to 
create a fun clock for the littlest room.

We are about to embark on a huge declutter as we're planning a garage conversion, we also have far too much stuff. I need to be ruthless and just look through everything. Starting with my clothes! I have a wardrobe that I can supposedly walk into... I do remember being able to do that for a few months when we moved in! Time to clear out!

A x


Zoe said...

I love all the colour that you've added to your home.

And I'm so pleased to hear you ate the spaghetti on toast for lunch after you created that image :)

Kim Carberry said...

You have a lovely home! So colourful! I love the backwards clock...We used to have a mirror at the top of the stairs...Always used to freak me out a little when it was dark and you see yourself....lol

AnneeApple said...

Thanks ladies :)

I did worry about falling down the stairs as I was too busy trying to look at the time! X