Friday, 8 November 2013

#BEDN {day in the life}

Tada... I can't believe I'm at Day 8 in the Blog Every Day In November challenge, a new record for me! So, on to today's post 'day in the life'... here goes:

I woke up {the first time} at 6am when the Mr's alarm went off {he started work at 7am today}. I dozed off again and woke up {for the second time} at 6.30am when my Son's alarm went off {he left for work at 6.50am}. I tried to doze again but my alarm went off at 6.45am... yawn!

Littlest was still asleep so I got washed and dressed for work and by 7.15am she was awake too... we got ready chatted about the day ahead. She was going to her Gran and Grandad's today for an outing to the shops and for lunch, we headed downstairs and had breakfast which was weetabix and toast. My big girl was then awake and by 8.10am we were all ready to leave...

First drop off is my big girl, she got dropped at work which is 10miles from home, takes around 30mins to get there {if traffic is OK!}, I then drove another 4mile to my in-laws to drop off the littlest, then I went to work which was another 3mile and I eventually got there around 9.30am.

I had a busy day planned... I work at a huge shopping park in Glasgow and we had a new store re-launch today! Exciting as it's not every day you get to see a brand new store concept knowing it's the only one of it's kind in Scotland! We had a local VIP open the store and they got lots of prizes! The rest of my day was working through emails, scheduling social media updates for work, updating the website and preparing for my TWO WEEKS OFF which started at 5pm when I finished {yipee}.

The Mr, who is now also on annual leave, was also meant to finish at 5pm but he got away at 3.30pm so he nipped to the shop for some supplies and then picked up the littlest {saving me the journey}. I made a pitt stop on way home to pick up a birthday gift for my friend's little girl, also picking up another Christmas gift for the littlest as I couldn't resist!! I got home around 6.15 pm, a quick kiss and cuddle {I love the welcome I get when I come home from work} and I then nipped out to deliver a print order, it was just around the corner so that was a bonus!  Back home to watch ten minutes of Snow White {this is the new favourite film} and read my latest #PostCircle letter then it was time to tuck my Princess into bed.  Quick tidy up then we had take away for tea - result, no cooking!

The Mr and I have a little work to catch up on then we are going to 'attempt' to watch a film {I always fall asleep!}. Tomorrow is packing day as we're heading off to Tenerife on Tuesday {It's OK I've got all my post scheduled already}!

So, there you have a typical day... although today was not as busy as normal as there was no cooking or cleaning or laundry involved, oh and no picking up kiddos on my return journey!

A x


Elizabeth @ Rosalilium said...

I love these posts! Your day sounds super hectic but fun. Bet you're super excited for your hollibobs. I love Tenerife - it's always so sunny!

AnneeApple said...

Thanks! Looking forward to holiday, never been to Tenerife before x