Saturday, 3 May 2014

{#BEDM} weekend morning routine

Today... my alarm sounded at 6.30am, I silently swore. I dragged myself out of bed and limped to the ensuite {I limp as my legs are not yet awake}. I'm not the type to read the daily newspaper on the loo, no way, I read my Facebook timeline, check Twitter then ponder over Instagram...

Marginally more awake, I then washed, brushed teeth then plonk two velcro rollers in my fringe {I really need a hair cut... tomorrow}. Then make up time, Picasso or Michaelangelo? You decide.. it's an intensive routine, I tell you.

I got dressed for work,  black M&S skater dress, green tights {yup green today} and heels {not too high, I'm getting old}.

Breakfast.. {always} a matcha green tea shot. Porridge with soya milk and dried fruit.

I made some lunch - tomato, tuna and feta salad.

Emptied dishwasher and left for work.


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