Saturday, 3 May 2014

{#BEDM} five favourite posts

My five favourite posts are:

I'm a PostCircle Angel - I love being a part of PostCircle, I can say without doubt that I've made some lifelong friends being part of this great community.

{teapigs} matcha green tea - I love it! It has changed the way I feel and my health {for the better}! I a matcha shot daily. If you're feeling rundown then give it a go!

Home sweet home - I love my home, there really is no place like home... your own bed, your favourite cup / mug, lounging about... and relax.

Smitten Saturday - My village.  I love the walks, the animals you see each day... my little bit of heaven.

My Kiddos - I love them...

I hope you enjoyed my five favourite posts.

A x


Lisa-Marie said...

Lovely posts! I also love your home! I'm loving this prompt, seeing what people like about their blog and themselves.

AnneeApple said...

Thank you :) I nearly missed the #BEDM until I saw your posts... thankfully I've caught up now! Loving your new doggie!! x