Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Through the Keyhole {part 1}

I love looking at other people's homes and decor. It's amazing to see how different people's taste is and to get some great tips and ideas for your own home too.

I had some lovely feedback about doing some 'Through the Keyhole' posts to my home, thank you! So I'm kicking it off with the main room / hub of the home. The living room / dining area.

We stay in a new build house, can't believe it's over three years since we moved in! New build isn't where my heart lies, I love older home with character and tradition but this isn't our forever home. Our previous home we had ripped out completely and it was a whole lot of hard work so I vowed I'd not be doing that again any time soon, hence the new build buy!

We've recently refreshed our main room: painted the 'mushroom' walls grey {as Dulux delisted the 'mushroom' colour}, replaced the creamy carpets with grey/brown oak wooden floor and a long awaited for new sofa!

living room area

I love my living room area, it's nice and bright. It has a huge window to the front and at the back of the room {at the dining area} there are patio doors that lead to the garden. The garden is always in full sun until around 8pm so there's lots of natural light flowing into this room all the time.

You'll notice I have a 'thing' for dots!  My littlest got a little armchair for Christmas {from Dunelm Mill}, it is of course red with white polka dots. Our other dotty item is a huge rug from Ikea, only £20! I also have a 'thing' for Zebra print. I do try and limit my animal prints as too much isn't nice {I don't think}.  I have a lampshade in Zebra print, the lamp base is from TK Maxx as is the shade but both were purchased years apart {There used to be a pleated red shade on the base.. yuk!}. I also have a Zebra print storage box which holds the piano music, another TK Maxx purchase.

The canvas above my sofa was a total fluke make, it did take me a few days to get used to it but now I love it! I used spare paint I had in the garage and just slapped it on... adding to it, rubbing bits, twisting the brush.. anything really. I'm not sure anyone else likes it but I do and I made it!

Clocks... Oh you'll see a whole lot of clocks in these posts, this one is from TK Maxx {yeah I do like TK Maxx}.  My favourite clock is at the top of the stairs... it's a backward clock that I made..So when you look in the mirror you can see yourself and the correct time, anyway more on that when I get to that post {exciting}.

My TV unit is from Ikea, a great buy! It holds our huge TV {Hubber likes his gadgets, I could so live without a TV} and I have storage boxes along the bottom which houses all littlest's toys! Quick to throw back in once she's in bed, close the box over and voila toy free living room!

dining room area

The dining room area is hardly used as we eat at the table in the kitchen, but on special occasions or if we have guests we'll eat here as it seats 6 comfortably. You may remember lightgate?  If not I won't bore you with the details but the short story is: I saw a light I loved and it was out of stock and out of production but I eventually found it on display at Next and begged the store to sell me it, so once they had it pat tested I got it!

The dining area isn't huge but it does hold the dining table, 6 chairs, the piano, a tall cupboard and the bureau! {jeezo that is a lot}. All our furniture is dark brown / black wood but the bureau is a lighter colour... that kind of annoys me but I do love my bureau as it holds all my #PostCircle and crafting supplies, plus when we move house it will have it's own room {fingers crossed}. A recent addition to the dining area is the deer's head. Like the canvas, I'm not sure anyone else likes it but I LOVE IT!

My other favourite things are my Paris photos, I took these in 2008. The flower arrangement on the table {in the animal print jug with a matching milk and sugar bowl} are fake, I used to run a little flower / fascinator company {many years ago} called Bloomsadaisy and this is one of my creations from then.

So there you have my first through the keyhole post!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Now I wonder which room to focus on next...

*Scheduled post {I might even be on the operating table as you read this!}

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