Thursday, 4 July 2013

never ending

Do you ever have one of those weeks when it's non-stop, yes? Me too! This week. But slowly I feel like I am getting on top of things. 

We've been decorating the living room, with only a few dramas so far... 

Our joiner who was fitting our wooden floor cancelled the job just 5 days before he was due to do the job... we spent quite a lot of time finding a new one, but we found a good 'un and he did a great job! If you need the number of an amazing joiner in the Strathclyde area then let me know and I'll share his number!

Our new sofa was delivered on Tuesday and the chair had a wobbly leg... so that's sent back to get sorted and at this time I've not had an answer from DFS as to when it will be delivered {I'm not a happy chappy about that}

New sofa {minus the chair}.  The window dressing here is the ones I didn't like

I spent Tuesday night {all of Tuesday night} making new window dressings only to not like them at all once I put them up! So Wednesday I spent finding new fabric {I ended up buying a double duvet and using that!} and that night I made new ones... I'm not 100% happy with them but they'll do for now.

the new window dressing using a 'city scape' duvet cover

In-between all the chaos at home I've also been very busy at work {as always} but... I'm off on annual leave next week! Quite looking forward to it!

Have you been decorating lately? I've read a lot of great blogs with 'through the keyhole' type posts:  a million dresses (I love the d├ęcor in the new house) and some more over on The Dusty Attic.. I'm thinking of doing a series of similar posts, would you be interested in nosing through my keyhole?



Anna said...

I would!!! Thanks for the mention lovey xx

AnneeApple said...

Oh goody! I plan on doing some soon x

PearlyPea said...

I would, your livingroom looks lovely! Have you got your new sofa sorted out yet? So disappointing when you buy something new and faulty :(

AnneeApple said...

Oh thank you! And funny you should say that...o have a post scheduled for 10 am! Sofa all sorted too x