Tuesday, 16 July 2013


The meals this week... it's all a bit of scribble and thrown together. I go into hospital at 9am tomorrow for my stomach surgery and we're also running down the freezer as it's full! 

Tuesday - Goat's cheese quiche, roasted sweet potato and salad.  Littlest had chicken nuggets and corn on the cob.  Biggest had pizza. 

Wednesday - Chicken nuggets and home made fried rice with mushroom and onion.

Thursday - Potato wedges {waffles for biggest} and cheese burgers with salad.

Friday - Spag bol with garlic ciabatta.  Biggest having chicken and waffles.

Saturday - Mediterranean veg pastry ring.  Littlest having fish fingers and beans and Biggest tbc

Sunday - Chilli meatballs with rice.   

I'm linking up with Mrs M... what's you your plate this week?

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