Friday, 26 April 2013

Out {of office}

It's been such a busy week at work and at home and I am ever so pleased it's Friday... double pleased that I could turn on my Out of Office at work...

Monday started off at 5.30am when the littlest's black out blind slipped off the window {I'm not moaning in the slightest about the beautiful sunlight that was streaming in}... so that was a long day.

Tuesday I had a Quarterly Property Management in Edinburgh which had taken a whole lot of preparation but we picked up some Krispy Kreme on the way and arrived to bacon rolls for breakfast and pizza at lunch time... turned out a good meeting after all.  Another long day after travelling back and forth to Glasgow then to Edinburgh then back to Glasgow then picking up my girls then back home {I stay somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh}

Wednesday after work this happened... some lovely sunshine!

The girl loves to chalk

...and bubbles

...and smiles

Thursday was the start of the interview process for recruiting an assistant for me, does anyone enjoy interviews or interviewing? Previously I would have answered No to that but it really was a good day. We've chosen our short listed candidates and the one to one interviews will take place early May.  Really looking forward to the successful person starting!

Today... that last day of work before annual leave when you have so much to do and you have meetings most of the day. That resulted in me not leaving my desk until near 6pm but my out of office is active and we've now packed our suitcases... Yes we're off on holiday on Sunday morning, just a short 5 day break in the sun... ah... and relax!

I'm hoping to schedule some posts for during the week, if I have time. I always go internet free when on holiday abroad... so that it really is a holiday.  

So, until I return have a lovely week!
A x

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