Monday, 22 April 2013

{late} Meal Planning

It must be bed time right?

What a busy day.  We were woken up at 5.30am with the littlest thinking it was wake up time... the black out blind had slipped off the window! Someone (who I am married too) hadn't secured it properly.... so when the sun came up baby woke!  She came into our bed and I expected her to drop off back to sleep but no... she did lay down and play with teddies for about an hour but I obviously was also awake from the crack of dawn.  The rest of the day is a blur, a morning shift at work, rush home to make lunch, write shopping list then back out to pick up middle child, rush to shops and back home to make dinner... I've not long sat down and my eyes are heavy!

My meal plan for this week is total rubbish but in my defence we are using up (or trying to) what's in the fridge / freezer as we go on holiday next week... so here it is:

Monday: homemade herb wedges and chilli and pasta bake (chicken and fries for fussy boy child)

Tuesday: stew, sausage and veg casserole with mashed turip

Wednesday: still to decide

Thursday: spaghetti meatballs (for Hubber, Baby and I), BLT baguettes (for older kiddos)

Friday: chicken and fries (middle child), fish and chips (fussy boy child), pizza pasta (for Hubber, Baby and I)

Saturday: something with chicken in slow cooker

Sunday: HOLIDAY (big kiddos home alone, I can imagine their menu next week will be trying out each take away place)

Don't forget to link up with Mrs M and showcase your meal plan (It's sure got to be better than mine)

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