Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Exciting Times

There has been a lot going on today, all very exciting.

First there's the small matter of this a lovely surprise from my Husband!  I have wanted the domain for a very long time but it's just recently become available and now it's mine.

As if that wasn't enough exciting news for the one day, I woke up to read this very lovely blog post by Miss Beatrix.

You'll all know {unless you've been on your holidays for over a month} that I joined up with Miss Beatrix's #PostCircle and I am loving being part of it. I've had some gorgeous mail and little gifts sent through the post, there is something wonderful about snail mail. I've been on the hunt for some stationery and it was / is a hard task to find something that I liked, if you've ever looked online for stationery you'll understand what I mean. I even scoured local shops for some nice writing paper and envelopes and no joy! So I made my own!

I started off designing some envelopes which ended up rather complicated and fiddly so I scrapped that and focused on some writing paper designs. A few late nights and about 30 designs later I am kicking off my range with 'Tea Time', 'Yelo' and 'Grey Heart' {I might change the names as I develop the range}. I've also designed some lettergrams.  I love lettergrams, I used to buy these from the post office when I was little and I wrote to my pen friend in Australia, they were so convenient to use especially when I was writing abroad. I just knew I had to design some lettergrams as to me they are a symbol of snail mail.

I'm in the process of setting up my etsy shop  {you can come over just now and follow me there so you don't miss out on the launch} and I plan to offer sets of writing paper, personalised writing paper and also lettergrams. I have lots of other little things swimming about in my head too and I have also now mastered the envelope making {with a totally new design}, so there could be some handmade envelopes available too!

To celebrate the launch of my new etsy shop there will be a giveaway on my blog, right now I'm in the process of designing and organising the goodies for the giveaway.  I'm off on my jollidays next weekend {some lovely time in the sunshine} so when I come back it will be all systems go!

You can follow this blog using the link on the right {via bloglovin or you can follow by google connect or email} so that you don't miss out.  I'm also on Twitter and Facebook come over and say hello!

Thank you to you lovely people who are already supporting me and encouraging my new venture and a big thank you to Miss Beatrix for her lovely blog post and most importantly for setting up #PostCircle as without it none of this would be possible and let's not forget all the new friends I have made recently... hello to you all!



Anna @ Miss Beatrix said...

So excited for you Annee! Always happy to promote craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity, so can't wait to see the launch and hopefully us #PostCircle folks will become your fan base and best customers in one!

Enjoy your well-deserved hols :) xx

AnneeApple said...

Thank you! I might even send some postcards! :)

Hannah. said...

Congrats, your designs are lovely. I know what you mean, I keep meaning to buy writing paper but can never find any I like.

Lots of luck!


Anna Davison said...

I love love LOVE your stationery! Can't wait to buy some for #PostCircle-ing!!

Laura said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous, Annee!

I'm new to #PostCircle and happened across your blog via Anna's blog. I LOVE working with paper myself -- it's one of my favorite mediums :)

AnneeApple said...

Hi Laura, thank you so much and welcome to Post Circle x

Laura said...

Thank you Annee, I'm glad to be a part of it :)