Saturday, 20 April 2013

I am and have been {smitten}

It's been a terrible few days as we have been 'smitten' with the dreaded Norovius!  I won't dwell on that subject though as we're on the mend, thankfully (as long I don't do too much too quickly!)

I'm linking up with Glasgow Mummy's Smitten Saturday  (who's also had some sickness in her house this week, but what a lovely post again from her and well done to her little boy... I'll be starting the same task soon with my littlest)

This Saturday I am smitten with all things handmade!  At Christmas time I joined in with #bloggersecretsanta and I received a gorgeous necklace from Sweet Trash (@ahjuicyfruit on Twitter), I was over the moon with my gift, it was perfect for me... my obvious love for apples and I love scrabble!  Every single time I wear it someone asks about it and I get loads of compliments!  I love it!  Sweet Trash has an etsy shop right now I am totally loving the clouds and anchors available, so cute!

One of my #PostCircle friends send me this adorable apple broach... she is in the process of setting up her etsy shop, which will be found here:  Tilly Teacups I cannot wait until the shop opens to see some more cute designs.

I also received these gorgeous craft fish from another #PostCircle friend... now I wonder if she has an online shop...

Some of my favourite shops on etsy are:

Miss Beatrix  I adore the feather buttons, I think I'll be ordering them today as I notice there is only one set left! ...and I just bought them! Woo!

Claireabellemakes I've just found this shop via a link on Twitter and I love the Cath Kidston ring!

The Dusty Attic Shop I adore the cute ladybug.

Do you love handmade?  Do you have an etsy / online shop.. please let me know so I can check it out!

I hope you join in with Smitten Saturday and don't forget to check out Glasgow Mummy's post too


Anna @ Miss Beatrix said...

He he! Thank you! I'm glad my feather buttons are off to such a good home.

I can vouch for the splendid service and wares over at Claireabellemakes too! x

AnneeApple said...

Oh thank you! I can't wait to get my hands on them and then decide which crafting project they belong too :) x

Glasgow Mummy said...

Thanks for joining in again with Smitten Saturday. I love all things handmade too! Etsy is one of my favourite websites to browse. Glad to hear you're all on the mend, as are we! Potty training still going well... that's the kids off with their dad now so by the time I get them back he'll be nearing a week of no nappies. A few accidents, but he's doing very well indeed x

AnneeApple said...

You're welcome Sara. Yay to the potty training, I'll be coming to you for tips soon it's been a long time since I last done it x

Anna Davison said...

Thanks for the mention lovely lady :) Put me down for potty training tips as well please!!