Monday, 18 March 2013

{Monday Meal Plan}

Can you believe I'm still under the weather?  Entering week 4 of cold and flu symptoms, off to the Dr this afternoon, hope he can prescribe a miracle cure!

It's a busy day again today (when's it not?) so I threw in the ingredients for Spag Bol into the slow cooker this morning before work... I've made double portions so I can use half for tomorrow... here's our plan:

Monday - spag bol in slow cooker
minced beef, onion, pepper, mushroom, passatta, mixed herbs, garlic and tomato puree, dash of worcester sauce.... cook for 8 hours on low.

Tuesday - pasta bake with garlic bread
left over bolognese sauce (from Monday) add in cooked pasta, some homemade cheese sauce (which I whisk up in 10mins), grated cheese on top and bake in oven for 20-30mins.

Wednesday - ham ham with stir fry rice (fries for those who don't want rice)

Thursday - we are out for dinner tonight so just the kids to eat at home, they've requested some piri piri chicken and fries that just cooks in the oven... simple

Friday - homemade chicken chow mein

Saturday - mediterranean pastry ring and salad

Sunday - homemade lentil soup and baguettes (not decided on the filling yet)

There you have it... I'm hungry just thinking of it all...  What's on your menu?  Mind link up with Mrs M, click the link below..

A x


Seren said...

Slow cooker Bolognese sauce is a fabulous thing - you've reminded me that I've got some portions lurking in my freezer that I must get out at some point. Enjoy your week!


AnneeApple said...

Thanks Seren, you too! x

Lauren - Big Eejit said...

So sorry to hear you are still poorly - sounds awful :( The meals sound great, esp loving the sound of the pasta bake with lots of cheese sauce!

AnneeApple said...

Thanks Lauren.. I am on the mend but got a hernia from all the coughing, may need surgery.. the cheese sauce today will help my recovery for sure! x

Mama Owl said...

Sounds like a great week, I hope you are feeling better very soon

AnneeApple said...

Aw thank you! x