Tuesday, 12 March 2013

{Meal Planning}

I'm late.. but here's my Meal Planning Monday post!

Monday (last night) - {just me and toddler} I made my delicious roasted veg pasta sauce and had that with pasta and homemade wedges (just potato cut up, thrown on a pizza tray and cooked for 40mins!)

Tuesday - chicken and pasta (same sauce as last night, scrummy!) for me.  Chicken and potato shapes and sweetcorn for toddler.  Pepperoni pizza for biggest.  (other two not in for dinner)

Wednesday - chicken fajitas

Thursday - still to plan as I have book club so could be a take out if we are in a huge rush

Friday - mince and potatoes, veg and york puddings

Saturday - cake?  well maybe not just cake but we are going through to Edinburgh so will have lunch there.  I won a delicious treat box of cakes from Patisserie Valerie so I'll collect them AND we're planning a drive through to Krispy Kreme... sugar rush or what?!

Sunday - we're all off on Sunday and Baby Ballet class is off so who knows what we're planning yet...

I'm looking forward to reading your menus... hop on over to Mrs M and check some out!

A x

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