Monday, 11 March 2013

Liven up limp veg!

I'm on the mend... I've had a cold / stomach flu for two weeks now, it's not been pleasant!  Meals have been quick and a lot of take outs but we've mostly stuck to our meal plan (I'll post my Meal Planning Monday post tomorrow).

Tonight I really wanted something tasty and nutritious. We had been away for the weekend to Wick so ate out a lot and I was dying for something homemade... We had around 10cm+ of snowfall today and the fridge was pretty bare... a limp courgette, a bendy leek, 4 wrinkly tomatoes, a handful of greying mushrooms and a bashed red for the food recycle bin or a tasty pasta sauce?

I prepped the veg and put in a roasting tray, a drizzle of olive oil a sprinkling of Schwartz mixed herbs, rosemary, chives, paprika and garlic granules and roasted for 30 mins.  When ready I popped them into a pot with a tub of passatta, pinch of pepper and simmered for a few mins. I then blitzed gently leaving a bit chunky and served with pasta!  Delicious and I've got two tubs for the freezer!

What do you do with your limp veg?

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